Who Sent Justin Bieber Valentine Roses?

justin-bieber-rosesHot Justin Bieber showed off his Valentine’s roses from a secret admirer.

Who is it?


    will die if selena and niall are banging

    • anonymous

      niall should stay in his own league. and selena will grow up



    it’s weird that george shelley basically denied her but niall is all over her

    • boystan

      george whoever is ugly af tho

  • Hollyhysteria

    Certainly not me.

  • guest

    His mom

  • anonymous

    jake glythenthal

  • boystan


  • http://harryniallsex.tumblr.com/ Narry Sex

    He looks bad. Sad how fame destroyed him so quickly.

  • cerenagee

    who even cares

  • anon

    chantel jeffies

  • anon

    his mom

  • Cici

    himself. that’s who loves him the most

    • boystan


      • Cici

        lol my b. I didn’t see your comment! Great minds think alike? ;)

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    What happened man? Lay off the drugs! He looks so weird and different and not in a grown up kind of way different.

  • hmmm

    So you still don’t know that Jordan Ozuna, the Vegas waitress, is with him in ATL for almost two weeks?