Eiza Gonzalez ‘Demi Lovato Insane Talent’

demi-eizaeizagonzalez You killed it last night! Ur INSANELY TALENTED Thank u for everything come visit soon!! Ur #fromdusktilldawn family <3 u @demilovato. Demi Tweeted grasping BF Wilmer Valderrama: Thank you SO much to my #FromDuskTillDawn family for flying to Dallas for the night to see the #NEONLIGHTSTOUR!! [gallery ids="300445,300379,300477,300474,300475,300476,300478,300479"]


  • Queen Amanda Bynes
  • Zaina777

    Miley: Oh no she didn’t. Cheyne hold my earrings.

    • thecat61


    • pop country “rock hip-hop”

      lmfao she’d prob SEND cheyne to fight her battle. Atleast demi has the cajones while still remaining classy. I hate those ghetto girls that get all up in your face. I just laugh at them. Use your brains child! It’s all about being sneaky and manipulative. If not, then where’s the fun/point?!

  • Anon

    She’s friends with her because Wilmer is friends with her.

    • AA

      wilmer is not friend with her thast ridiculous

      • Anon

        They are filming a show together and are friends.

        • AA

          yeah i know they are fiming a movie but that dosent mean they are friends

    • pobremejicanito failnetworking

      he would. sure likes his drama more than a slutty middle schooler.

  • Bad

    Hahahaha such a slap in mileys face

  • thecat61

    Backstabbing bitch.

    • Zaina777

      Yes, because Miley and Cheyne didn’t insult and humiliate her first…

      • thecat61

        That was Cheyne not Miley. Besides Demi’s been throwing shade at Miley for a while. She should just keep her mouth shut and mind her own business.

        • Zaina777

          Miley was there though and she laughed at her with him. Demi has never shaded Miley. All the girl did is talk indirectly about how she wanted to help her.

          Miley is the central focus of this feud between Demi and Cheyne. She had a choice. Keep her friend/employee who wasn’t that great of friends with her until recently or keep another friend who even though Miley dissed her and Selena way back when with the Miley and Mandy show was there for her through thick and thin forgave her and eventually left Selena for her at one point. Sure they did drugs together when they were younger but what if Demi wanted Miley to stop doing drugs like she did I mean she has been through it way more than Miley
          Think about this too. Selena went to rehab and Demi rushed to her side. No matter what happened between them they were still there for each other. Is that not a good friend? I mean who would you pick?
          The choice is pretty obvious.

          At the end of the day Miley was the way shittier friend.

          Cheyne isn’t that great of a person. The fact that Demi even reached out to Miley says a lot about their friendship on her part.

          Miley is about as much a victim in this as Cheyne is which is none.

          • thecat61

            And how do you know Miley was there with Cheyne?

            Oh, are you responsible for what one of your friends says or does?

          • Zaina777

            Well golly gee…I don’t know because she was tweeting that night and took a picture with Cheyne that night… Really bro?

          • thecat61

            Gee, that was Leesa Marie not Miley.

          • Zaina777
          • thecat61

            I know they took pictures together that day but Leesa Marie and Denika were also there.

            And Demi been shading Miley ever since WCS came out.

          • Zaina777

            Yeah, but Miley knew about it that is what I’m saying. Stop trying to defending her.

            Um, not really she defended her in the beginning to be nice. Then she saw how much of a trainwreck and a skank she became and approached talking about her indirectely.

          • thecat61

            Like I said before, are you responsible for what your friends do or say?

          • Zaina777

            Nope…but if you are a good person, unselfish and a good friend you would defend your other friends no matter who they are or what they did. Miley is just a selfish whore.
            Stop defending a girl who doesn’t care if she looks and acts like a fucking white trash whore and has no morals or self-respect.
            Why you are defending her and her actions is beyond me.

          • “Miley is just a selfish whore.” LMAO well that escalated quickly in your opinion of Demi not shading Miley.

          • Zaina777

            Well she is a white trash whore.Clearly you can’t comprehend the consolation between the two things.

            Clearly if Miley valued her older and wiser friends like Demi she wouldn’t have dropped her in the first place.
            If she wants to be a whore she can’t have positive influences over her at all times. That’s why she blackmailed her father as well. She is going into a downward spiral for shits and giggles she obviously doesn’t give two fucks who she screws over along the way.

          • akojsajksn

            It does not matter if Miley was with Cheyne that night or not. It’s obvious that Miley and Demi were not friends anymore by then, and we don’t know exactly why. Maybe Demi is the one to blame and not Miley, who knows? Miley did not say anything bad about Demi, Cheyne did and he is a grown up man, he can take responsability of his actions, he doesn’t need Miley to say or do whatever he wants. And your only reply to what other people is saying to you is that Miley is whore, is trashy and so on. She can dress and act in front of the camera like she wants. You can be a whore and still be a good friend and a good person. I don’t think Miley is like that, I just think she does all those things so that people keep talking about her.

          • Zaina777

            Do you honestly think Demi was the problem? The girl was trying to help Miley…

            Miley is a whore. She does all these sexual acts at any place at any time. Miley Cyrus is the whore of whores. Queen Miley the whore.

            She doesn’t care if she hurts anybody as long as she gets her way. I think she is the problem that needs to be solved.

          • thecat61


          • Zaina777


          • try

            I think you are confused with selena Gomez she the one selling herself to famous guys for fame look up what whore means dumbass, miley makes her own money and she don’t need to fuck all the it guys like selena does to get fame! selena is the one selling her body for fame miley makes her own money and without a man, so I have more respect for her than selena anyd

          • thecat61

            It always seems to be Miley’s fault.

            I seem to recall that Miley phoned and sent a gift to Demi when she was in rehab.

          • Zaina777

            Yeah…back when they were still friends. What’s your point?

          • try

            stop the bullcrap I didn’t see demi stopping selena from talking shit abou miley and by the way selena and demi started it the war trying to steal miley friends first the Jonas and then bragging about it on you tube and if you know selena she likes to make this video to diss people as you have seen her throw shade on Justin with her dancing videos she was doing the same with the you tube video and miley diss her back but selena stared the war honey don’t be so naïve and stupid selena and demi are no as innocent as they try to make you all think!! demi and selena have said it before they act an lie how dumb can you all be!!!

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            Get off of Selena’s pussy. Selena never bad mouth Miley….

            At least not publicly.

    • Anon

      Why should Demi not be friends with Eiza? Eiza had nothing to do with Lism and Mileys breakup. Liam cheated on Miley with someone else before (I forgot her name). So In you guys logic Demi shouldn’t have a friendship with eiza because she was involved with Miley’s ex once even though Miley still talks to Liam…

      Besides Miley mocked Demi they’re not friends and even if they were still friends that doesn’t mean she needs to be in bad terms with someone over something that’s not her business just like Mileu was friends with Ashleu Greene!

      • fghjkl

        No you wrong eiza was something to do with mileys breakups dont defend her because is true

      • dfdfdf

        I wouldn’t be friends with a girl who has been with my bff’s ex boyfriend. Even if me and that girl are not friend anymore, that would be being a bitch.

        • anon

          So in the logic of people, Miley should ignore Eiza and not talk to her while she visits Wilmer on set and while she comes with Wilmer to her concert. She should run and avoid all human contact with Eiza and make enemies with Eiza, while Miley remains friends with the one who actually cheated on her, Liam.

    • Cici

      I would say Miley is because she let her crackhead friend talk shit about Demi publicly. Plus Eiza has nothing to do with Miley. She was after Miley.

  • anon

    Miley and Demi clearly are not in good terms right now due to Cheyne. They already fought before and they always manage to make amends later. Fans shouldn’t get involved

  • Q

    why she is doing with demi?i am sorry but this woman nobody knows she thinks she is famous she is soooo annoying

    • i smell olive garden bread hmm

      I get your logic but she is actually a teen-young adult actress who has had a mild nose job and is sorta a socialite.

  • Duckyhoward15

    Now articles will be out ‘ DEMI BACKSTABBING MILEY ‘

    • thecat61

      Yep. She knew this was gonna cause drama and it sure is on twitter.

      • Duckyhoward15

        ofcourse tbh I don’t see the point of the photo

        • thecat61

          She just loves the attention just like Miley.

          • Duckyhoward15

            Its true sadly :/

  • http://lovinq-you.tumblr.com/ FuckHarry

    Who cares if she was hanging out with Demi, its not like Demi and Miley are best friends.

  • !

    Miley and Demi are the same in personality, Demi wish she could be as liberal as Miley is but she’s not that secure about doing it.

    • Zaina777

      That’s bullshit and you know it.

  • anon

    liam is dating nina dobrev

    • Zaina777

      No he’s not.

      • anon

        they hooked up tho

        • Zaina777

          Just because people hookup doesn’t mean that they are dating. What the fuck?

  • anon
  • anon
  • hahahano

    ” Miley is selfish” – Miley funds more charities and has donated more money and promoted charitable programs, than EVERYONE here will in their LIFETIME!! “Miley is a Whore” – Miley was with Liam for 4 years and they got engaged” – Now as for DEMI, she was the one hanging sex with unknowns at coke parties and concerts before Wilmer!! How soon you forget!!

    • anon

      But Miley had other boyfriend before Liam and hookups during their off time….

  • boystan

    oh shit

  • IknowSomthingThatYouDon’t!

    Miley and Liam will get back together as bf and gf after her tour and he is done filming. They are in talk frequently, and this is their plan as of now. Will they get married? Won’t be anytime soon. Miley is in no rush. Trust is earned and Liam is slowly earning that back. Don’t believe me? Mark this post and come back after their work commitments and you will see I am right!!

  • anon

    Girls are so catty, why does Eiza get the hate, while Liam gets a free pass. Eiza didn’t even have anything to do with their break up! But the saddest thing is when girls hate on the ~other girl and get back with the ex. Like they fill their mouths with insults towards the ~other girl and make their friends hate ~the other girl and months later they are back together with the ex, while their friends have now made an enemy in ~the other girl meanwhile the friend is back with the guy and happy…..

  • usee

    Heyyyyy, I remember that!! Demi had sex at a party in public on some guys bed at a coke party. I forget the guys name, but he died within the year in some sort of accident. Demi was so wasted and coked up then. =/

  • Cookie

    Or maybe Demi is there to make sure that Eiza doesn’t steal Wilmer from her.

  • BrokenArrow18

    Eizas face creeps me out like everything about her just doesnt look organic idk if that’s the right word but it’s like everything about her just screams plastic to me imo.

    • thecat61

      That’s because her face is plastic.

  • nina

    you guys don’t know much about eiza
    so that’s why you guys might hate on her
    but she is talented, of course, i only seen her in soaps so we shall see how she does outside of that world but in my opinion she is a better singer than miley.

    • KK

      better singer than miley? i dont think so besides we never saw her singing

    • ty

      haha talented in what never saw her acting because she is not famous in here in the united states

      • nina

        so pretty much what you are saying is you have to be famous to have talent? haha, i am sorry but the united states have the kardashians and i am pretty sure they are not known for their artistic talents, in united states you are just famous for the sake of being famous, talent is not required most of the time.

    • try

      eh I seen aiza sing and no honey she not better than miley, miley has wingpipes that aiza do not have! she used to be in soap opera and she sang at the Spanish award and hell no she not better than miley! she wish

      • nina

        it’s all about choices, i just like eiza’s voice a little bit more than miley’s.

  • Clauber


  • cerenagee

    Hahahaha this is payback for miley allowing cheyne to be a dick to her hahahahaa this is such a huge fuck you to miley

    • Q

      Why you say that?like you know everything

      • threelittlebirds

        cheyne made a video mocking demi about her coke problem. OU made a post about it a couple months ago.

  • Cvb

    Well she is going back her country Mexico when she is finish that movie that she films and everyone will happy and stop using people for fame like Demi lovato or Liam she is nobody to do that

    • Fghjkl

      Everybody is wating for her to get back to her country why she is doing here in the United States she is not even famous in here

  • Nya

    So? they took a picture together
    Whats the big deal
    god, calm your tits

  • derp

    they have the same size tits but demi is fatter?? also, becarefuldemi willie might go for her since she actually knows what he says when he ‘comes’ in spanish