• threelittlebirds

    i don’t see how diabetes is funny.

    • enaek

      I think they were more laughing at how abrupt she was when she just blatantly said “He has diabetes right?”

  • Vic

    They wasn’t laughing about diabetes, but the situation.. talking about how good looking Nick is, and then all of the sudden the girl is like “He has diabetes, right?”.. :D
    Oceanup: ,,..plus they laugh about diabetes..” -_-

  • Ashhh

    Nick is so yummy. I will always secretly be in love with him ;)

    • micheal

      miley? selena?

  • Anon

    Nick isn’t strong, his Ben bench press is like 150 pounds. You know there are guys that can bench press 1,000 pounds….

    150 pounds is average for a male…

  • elena gomez

    they laugh about diabetes?? WTH? Diabetes is something really serious!! Nick should stop drinking, that’s not good! Alcohol contains sugar, i guess he doesn’t know that!

    • threelittlebirds

      there’s sugar free alcohol. but if he does regular alcohol he just needs to be careful and check his levels. i’m sure he knows what he should/shouldn’t drink and how much.

  • boystan


  • gfhnfgh

    those people i amean those retard people of TMZ needs to shut the fuck up

    • KK

      Yeah I know that TMZ they are soo immature they always talks shit to celebreties and made up things they are like bully’s to celebreties

  • anon

    He needs to calm down and leave his bitch Olivia alone for a while and get back to work!

  • delle

    LOL they aren’t laughing at Nick having diabetes. They talked about how fit he is, and then she said, “He has diabetes right?”

    At the end, they say: “That’s God’s way of telling you to stop eating fatty food” – as in, he’s diabetic and more fit than them.

    Whereas, for diabetics it is much harder to pack on muscle and be as healthy as Nick is due to their complications with insulin/blood sugar levels and the demands of working out.