7 Hottest Sochi Winter Olympic Athletes

gus-kenthworthy-shirtlessIt may be subzero temperatures at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia right now, but that’s not stopping these sexy-ass athletes from being capital H-O-T. Who knew talent could look this good!? They’re no competition for Harry Styles as sexiest creature on planet Earth or anything, but DAMN – these athletes got it goin’ on.

Gus Kenworthy: This guy loves puppies and has baby blue eyes. AKA, the perfect man. Gus even has the Miley Cyrus seal of approval (she tweeted him AND follows him…maybe Cygus will be the next Miam?!)

nick-goepper-shirtlessNick Goepper: Olympic silver medalist AND he has dimples?! Not to mention he loves Taylor Swift meaning he probably has a super soft emotional side. Go ahead ladies, tweet him your marriage proposals.

sebastianSebastian Toutant: We will forgive Canada for Justin Bieber because this 21-year-old Canadian gem is FLAWLESS. Thank you Canada, thank you.

mcmorrismarkMark McMorris: How this kid wasn’t already famous just for being hot we do not know. Shout out to Olympic Snowboarding for bringing 20-year-old Mark into the limelight of our affections. Like bro, ARE YOU EVEN REAL LIFE?! Those eyes though.. +

As for the ladies..

Fourth place finisher Ashley Wagner skates during an exhibition event at the conclusion of the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in BostonAshley Wagner: This is a 22-year-old figure American figure skating goddess. Yup, that means mini skirts for days.. God bless the USA.

siljeSilje Norendal: I think this chick was going to walk in Paris Fashion Week as a supermodel and somehow got lost and ended up at the Olympics. Like, how is someone this talented and hot? Something tells me snowboarding just got a large male following.

juliaYulia Lipnitskaya: Okay so it’s kind of creepy to call a 15-year-old hot, but this girl is quite the looker. Not to mention she’s practically the freakin’ most talented person on earth. If you haven’t seen her figure skating performance, Google it – your mind will be blown.

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    Mark McMorris is famous… At least in Canada he is… Him and his brother star on the MTV show McMorris &McMorris