Ariana Grande Cocaine Verbal Assault

ari-4Ariana Grande was verbally assault on Twitter by Perez Hilton claiming that she snorts cocaine. Supposedly Arianators said his baby was ugly because he said Ariana’s Grammys’ dress was ugly. Via ONTD.

Caption: I know most @ArianaGrande fans are 12 years old – at least they almost all act like it – but ENOUGH is enough! Even 12 year olds KNOW better than to wish death on a baby and say the disgusting things that 99% of her fans have been spamming my Instagram with.

I am NOT sorry I said #ArianaGrande was dressed awfully with boring hair at the Grammy Awards. I will not apologize. And, listen up, kids! For every day you continue to say vile things on my photos, I will continue to bring it to the attention of Ariana.

Do YOU want her seeing all those tweets pointing to the fact that she has the worst fandom out there? She does. It’s the truth. And, at this point, her silence on this matter is shameful. Her team KNOWS what her fans are saying about my family and doing to my Instagram photos.

Ariana keeping quiet is condoning and promoting that behavior! Shameful, Ariana. Shameful! Quite being such an enabler and SAY SOMETHING! Until then, I guess I will be a baby myself and do what I think I need to do to get this bullshit to stop. All this silliness started over me saying I did not like her look! I had always supported and liked Ariana. Until now! Over her! And over her fans!


  • Lucy

    “Even 12 year olds KNOW better than to wish death on a baby and say the disgusting things that 99% of her fans have been spamming my Instagram with.”

    “Even 30+ year old men KNOW better than to spew hate and disgusting rumors about innocent people that 99% of his blog consists of.”

  • laura

    I swear, the guy is doing everything to stay relevant…

  • hmmm

    Well, Blind Gossip has said Ariana has a coke problem for ages

    • Cici

      Would make sense why the Demi & Ari collab never happend haha. Now Ariana is all about Miley…hmmm.

      • Cici

        jk. Pulling shit out of my ass :) I see how magazines get their stories now.

      • hmmm

        Maybe Perez just read them.

  • FuckHarry

    This dude is such a scum bag, he bullies celebrities and when their fans attack him he can’t fucking handle it and acts all innocent, he just pisses me off so much.

    • booboo

      He is stupid and immature, I’ll give you that much, but there is also a HUGE difference between “Ariana’s a cute girl, too bad she wore an ugly dress” and “Your ugly baby should die”

      • FuckHarry

        You’re right sending death threats to his kid is really rude and terrible, the child didn’t choose his father I think the crazy fans should keep him out of this.

  • hmmm

    But he put her on blast and wait that her fans don’t react? He just want attention.

  • threelittlebirds

    so it’s ok for him to say all this hate towards celebrities, but once the tables turn he turns into a big baby. if you can’t stand the heat, stay out the kitchen.

  • bye

    As long as there are dumb celebrities liking this moron he won’t disappear. They’re are afraid of him, nobody really likes him.

  • Cici

    He is definitely disgusting, but the baby should be left out of it. The baby is innocent, Perez is not. Explains her weight loss, though. She got soooo thin.

    • Let’s Not

      She went vegan within the past few years… cocaine abuse would be alot more obscene side effects besides weight loss

      • Cici


  • Jen

    Some one needs to take his kid away. No one should have to grow up with such a vile narcissistic parasite for a father.

  • Lauren

    Pot calling kettle much? Obviously, wishing death on any life is absolutely disgusting and should never be done, but I hardly think of all people Perez is one to chime in all holier-than-thou after the hurtful comments and rumors he comes out with on a daily basis.

  • Zaina777

    Even though I don’t like her very much I’m team ariana. Perez Hilton always does this to all the celebrities. He should learn to keep his mouth shut. Jared Eng is a much better celebrity gossip blogger and much more respected as well. Perez Hilton is a bully and a coward…you guys should look up his Lady Gaga fued.

  • Adele

    Not very smart move by Perez. I didn’t think his site still existed. I hope Ariana never responds to his ugly face and deletes/blocks him on twitter if she follows him. He is so unnecessary for a serious artists career.

  • Lily

    Ugh, I hate Perez, he’s the lowest form of human. I totes believe that she’s doing coke though, my friend was volunteering Jingle Ball MSG and said she saw her completely strung out with two other girls after the show, obviously drugged up. Maybe it’s not coke, but… That would also explain how she got so tiny as of late too.

    But whatevs, her life, and Perez is still a douche.

  • Joan3103

    Perez is so unoriginal, his name is Perez Hilton which is clearly a rip off of Paris Hilton. He has no talent so he makes up gossip about talented people. Ariana is beautiful and extremely talented. Leave her alone!!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    When you have fans, to some degree they become your responsibility, your fans reflect a part of your image these days. Good example, most people started to hate Justin simply because they couldn’t stand his fans. So he got a lot of crap because his fans didn’t understand that he wasn’t a god.

    Ariana should have said something (to her fans), don’t be like Perez, his whole very shameful ‘fame’ and career is based off of making other people’s lives hell with lies. And tbh it wouldn’t be a surprise if she was doing drugs, most of them are.

  • Hollyhysteria

    WELL perez hilton is the most vile thing on earth SO

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Perez is an idiot. HE was the one who talked shit about her and made her fucking cry at the Grammy’s. Her fans were defending her because she was trying to be a lady and avoid his harsh criticism over a fucking dress. Sure Ariana should of handled her fans if she knew they were being hostile (Which would be understandable if she had no clue ,because she has so many twitter followers and mentions),but its not her fault at all.He is the shameful one not Ariana.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    I seriously hope she is not doing cocaine,
    hasn’t she learned from Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and so many others talented singers who struggled with drugs,its not worth it.

  • Angel

    He keeps complaining about people being vile and he’s the first to bring a human being down not even caring what insecurities they may have. Like him, these celebs have a self esteem – and as human beings that self-esteem should never be brought down by anyone. Who are you to judge someone to gain popularity? I think if you crave respect, you should give it. If you’re hostile and vain, people should expect hostility and vanity towards them.

  • shanghai

    Whatever our feelings about Perez people should not make comments and threats against a baby.

  • gfhghh

    It’s true that Ariana does have the absolutely worst behaved fanbase out there: Immature twats who send abuse to any other celeb that they feel Ariana is in competition with. It makes it seem that she doesn’t have any fans over the age of 12. And sending death threats to a baby? Yeah, it doesn’t reflect real well on Ariana that she has those kind of fans.

    As for the cocaine thing, would not be surprising. People with too much money and free time tend to do cocaine. They lack the imagination to do anything else with themselves except seek pleasure. And sure enough the coke makes you feel good, but it’s so very temporary and then you feel like shit when you come down.

  • boystan


  • boystan

    what the fuck is wrong with perez seriously

  • Emma Stone

    I can’t stand him. I will never be on his side in anything. He’s such a hypocrite, he bullies everybody but as soon as he’s on the receiving end he preaches how bullying is wrong and how victimized he is.
    If I ever met him in person I would have to refrain myself from punching him in the face and I am generally not even a violent person.

  • cali

    actually this isnt the first time that ive heard that ariana does coke, so who knows? her fans certainly dont. and ariana can have to really bad behavior so it no wonder that her fans would act so horrible. that being sad perez needs to sit his ass down and retire. everyone was wrong in this situation. and ariana your hair is boring bye