Gigi Hadid V Magazine Topless Photos

gigi-hadid-nipples-topess (1)Gigi Hadid showed her nipple in V Magazine photo shoot. #FREETHENIPPLE

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  • threelittlebirds

    what is it with every girl wanting to show their nips? and they wonder why they get no self respect and get called sluts.

  • smb

    Yeah go Cody. Hit that. Can’t wait for the day when women and men are treated equally, and both can go topless without someone being offended. I seen a lot of guys with breast bigger than many girls, yet its OK for them but not for the girl? Makes no sense. Breast aren’t meant to be sex organs, they are meant to feed the baby. A woman’s breast provide no more sexually stimulation for them than a man breast do for him, according to scientific and medical studies. In the most remote primitive societies, both men and women still go topless. So if we truly live a society were all are treated equally, then men and women should have to follow the same rules.

  • laura

    At least she is naked in a classy way. But it is quite disturbing that she looks like she’s 16..

    • laura

      Obviously, but she doesn’t like it.

  • fake

    lol fake boobs much?

    • lexi

      And too many moles. Gross. She should have those burnt off!

  • boystan

    love the outfit