Miley Cyrus Live Action Tinker Bell Role

miley-bangerz-tour-promo-photo-shoot (7)Miley Ray Cyrus will portray Tinker Bell in NBC’s upcoming live broadcast of Peter Pan, following strong ratings for their version of The Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood, reports Star.

Insider: ‘Miley is determined to get better reviews than Carrie Underwood. Carrie could sing, but she just couldn’t act; that’s not a problem with Miley.’

Do YOU think Miley would make a good Tinker Bell?

  • asdfdgdgd

    is this a joke?

    tell me you’re joking…

    le sigh…

    this is why hilary duff is coming back

    • thecat61

      Then why was Hilary dropped from the lead role from Bonnie & Clyde?

      • threelittlebirds

        because she got pregnant. why don’t you do a little research before you jump down people’s throats?

        • thecat61

          There was tension from the get go. The Oscar winner reportedly criticized Duff, who she deemed an unknown talent, for taking on one of her best known roles. Agree with Faye.

          So by getting pregnant, that was her excuse to free herself from the movie.

          • mountainmiracle

            you’re an idiot.

  • guest

    Already the insiders are coming out of the woodwork. What would the tabloid industry do without them. They are probably all paid. It is the money that attracts them.

  • Cici

    lol I can’t

  • Hollyhysteria


  • lol

    ah yes, carrie flopped so now they got to bring in this trash. cool.

    • thecat61

      Ignorance. Damn, you believe anything you read.

  • kass

    No. Ariana would be better. Tinker is delicate and classy. Nothing to do with Miley at all

  • guest

    The Gossip Cop website has said that this story is not true. NBC is developing the show, but Miley is not part of it

  • iWizard

    We shall call her – Slut Bell.

  • jodie

    This isn’t true. But the funny thing is that Miley can’t act either. She has acting experience, but she overracts and doesn’t have the true acting ability. Carrie was awful, but it doesn’t mean Miley would be better. And Tinkerbell is usually a little light on stage. Miley would want to be Wendy, because she likes attention.

  • thecat61

    Anyone who believes this crap, y’all must be dumb. It was already confirmed that this is not true. Damn, can’t believe how gullible people are.

  • boystan


  • Dara

    I didn’t believe this for a second. They would NEVER cast someone as trashy and disgusting as Miley to play Tinkerbell. Plus Miley can’t act, and she doesn’t have the voice for this kind of thing. I think her voice was made for pop music and that’s it

  • tbh

    Taylor Swift would be a better choice.. if she could act better. Just saying that Tinker bell is cute but has a bitchy side just like Taylor so it would fit.