Nick Jonas Bowling In NYC + Flashback

nicky-jay (1)nicky-jay (2)Via @nenaluvsgene: #PICSTITCH Thank you @NickJonas for making my sister’s night. #NickJonas #Bowling #ChelseaPiers #GoodTimes #ThankYou. Do YOU miss Nick Jonas’ younger face?

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  • HolyGround

    Nick was such an adorable kid!

  • Cici

    Damn he looks perfect in that B&W picture. yummy <33

  • anon

    wonder why he’s back in NYC.

    • joejonasfan

      Not for too long, he is going back to LA soon, he will star on this new project on TV.

    • uio

      sweetie nick always go to NYC so whats your problem?

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    thought the first two girls where the same but some years ago but then i noticed nick was wearing the same shirt and was in the exactly same place and that was so weird to happen

  • boystan