Nick & Olivia @ Hard Rock Hotel Punta

nolivia-punta (4)Nick Jonas & Olivia Culpo Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Punta Cana photos. NOTE: Blender & Joe weren’t them, it was separate love escape. + photos of Nick meetings today and and old photo writing in studio with ginaclaudette.

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  • anon

    Nick looks like this guy that had a crush on me. I think that’s why I find Nick so annoying.

  • fcbhf

    this old nick is in united states in NYC OU please dont put old news

  • anon

    now don’t go telling me “this is not staged, they didn’t know their picture was being taken”. olivia is thirsty as fuck but the sad thing is that nick is almost as desperate as her and her family and friends :(

  • cerenagee

    They’re going to be so cute married

    • joejonasfan

      Yeah right like when he married Delta lol

  • anon

    Omg, K. These were only taken because they stayed at the hotel for free and of course they wanted to give the hotel promo in return. It’s not a big fucking deal. Stop being so pressed and move on with your lives.

  • joejonasfan

    PR!! PR!!! They went there for FREE!!! And they also sold all the pics to some people!

    • roxanneXD


      lol yes but
      joe is gay! jlanda is PR too

      • JoeJonasTroops

        say what you want about blanda but you have no right to talk shit bout joe, he’s my idol

  • joejonasfan

    First of all, this whole Nolivia shit looks fake to me! PR! Olivia if people hate on you is because you being mean and rude to them, and because we can read it all over your face that you are just using Nick!!!! Actually you are both using each other since is PR!

    • JoeJonasTroops

      if they are a PR then nick woulld of at least dated someone worth the media, like miley! and oliviawould’ve dated someone that not only ‘famous’ for being in a former band! they would have at least broke up once the jonas brothers did if they were a PR

  • FuckHarry

    They really annoy me I love nick but his gf seems to really like to juice this relationship to gain press and fame :/

  • boystan


  • PQ11

    The joke is on the hotel. Nick and Olivia advertising your hotel is not going to get you one customer. 99,9999999 percent of Americans have no idea who Olivia is. And Nick has the small remnants of a teen-aged fanbase. Kinda funny that someone who works for the hotel thinks this would sell a room.