Selena Gomez Heading To ‘Psych Ward’?

jelena-rares (1)Selena Gomez Visits The Face PlaceSelena Gomez‘s friend revealed to Star that she on the verge of another breakdown: ‘It’s not humanly possible to recover from your rock bottom that quickly. We’re all concerned for her well-being. She’s still very fragile and not..

..coping with her problems at all. She’s jabbering to herself, and everyone is worried she’s about to pull a Britney. She’s a very troubled young girl, and if she doesn’t get it together, the psych ward could be next.’


  • Cici

    fabricated bullshit

    • CARRY

      sure that what you all said about the rehab and it end up true. I told you people the girl is seriously disturbed she came to Disney to try to be miley, she wants everything miley has she has mental problems but the problem is that she not as talented as miley, she said it since she came on Disney I want to be like miley and have a lot of fan like her, she try to replace miley in nick and the Jonas, in taylor, in her fans , in Disney, in the media, with miley prodocuers with Justin, everything miley has she wants she is crazy but miley has manage to stay one step ahead and it is driving her crazy and miley is no longer buying her fake act now miley knows she always trying to backstabbed her everywhere she goes selena is mean and she not as nice as Disney try to create her to be and is slowly showing and coming out by her very own action she losing it

      • thecat61

        Miley is more than one step ahead of her.

      • Cici

        lmaoooo just stop.

      • mountainmiracle

        As a true Selena fan I’ll admit that something is obviously wrong with her but I highly doubt it has anything to do with Miley.

      • alice

        pathetic, and stupid. I pity your stupid thoughts! you have no idea how stupid you sound. for one thing we all know is that selna IS SMART enough to not head in the dead end direction that miley is headed in. miley is trying to prove that after her break up she is strong and all but its all bullshit, if she was strong she wouldn’t change her whole look just for a guy and start doing all this bullshit that would lead to her death. she is saying that she is having fun well guess what she isn’t. I can bet you that Miley cries ALL night long because she is heart broken and has no idea where what she is doing would lead her. On the other hand Slena is staying classy and is trying to go through her horrible break up the best way possible, she might have drank or had a break down but for one thing we al ll know is that she would never in any way try to hurt her body the way Miley is hurting hers because she cares about her fans and knows how many people idolize her including myself. she has a baby sister that is there and is looking up to her and would wanna be the best person for her. Miley has a sister and doesn’t give a shit about what her sister sees or does or what her sister is gonna become. Miley probably wont even be there to se her sister is she keeps abusing her self with drugs and alcohol. NO OFFENCE I AM NOT HATING ON MILEY BUT IM JUST SAYING THE TRUTH.

      • Lali

        Some Miley’s fans are really sick of their minds. The only thing that Selena got that “supposedly” belonged to Miley was Nick Jonas. You should go to a psych ward too

  • Guest

    I think this might be true.She has to take care of her mom,dad and sister.Her career is flopping.She has been working non stop since she was a child.The guy she loves keeps breaking her heart and might have given her an STD.Its has to hurt her to see the guy she loves moving on to so many girls .Thats enough to drive anybody crazy. The fact that she has admitted to going to rehab and left after only a few weeks makes the story even more credible.I hope she gets the help she needs before she becomes the next Britney , Amanda or Lindsey.

    • damnthesecelebs

      IA. Regardless if it’s true or not, all these can take a toll on anyone’s mental health. Especially when you’re in the public eye.

    • Laura

      i hate people who say become the next … mental illness is not a trend, its not fun and I wish people would take it more seriously, weather it is true or not I wish her well but don’t make out like having a mental illness is a crime, people cant help it and Amanda couldn’t help her behaviour as she has schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and Britney has bipolar disorder… she doesn’t take care of her family, she isn’t flopping she is doing alright and you don’t know if any of this is even true…

      • Guest

        Saying she will became the next was not an insult and I never said it was a crime,its a reality check for those who think it cant happen to Selena.

        Selena does take care of her family.Her mother and stepfather work for her.Selena has to make money for them to make money.

        Her career is flopping.During the last year her movies have flopped,her tour ranked # 83 only grossing 16 million before being canceled and she currently has no acting jobs.I am not dissing Selena those are the facts and its understandable why her career might be part of her problems.

        You are right I don’t know if its true.I do know she had problems bad enough to go to rehab because her people confirmed it.I also know most problems bad enough that it requires rehab aren’t likely to be solved in 2 weeks.

        • anon

          Spring Breakers did great for its genre although it was overshadowed by the Getaway fiasco, and her tour did the same than the We Own The Night tour, except she didn’t toured Latin American where she has a lot of fans. Her tour gross total is 20.3 million.

          • Guest

            I got the 16 million from Ocean Up


            16 or 20 million still is not good.

            Selana has to pay to rent out all of those arenas from that 20 million.She has to pay for her dancers and other tour staff salaries from that 20 million.She has to pay for travel and hotels for all the tour crew etc.With all the expenses of a tour she was probably was breaking even or losing money and thats likely the reason the tour was canceled early.

          • anon

            That stuff is paid for the tour promoters/sponsors. Artists has a fixed value per show and an aditional depending on the number of tickets sold. After the tour contract is closed artists has nothing to do with expenses.

          • Guest

            Not all artists get a fixed value per show, that’s why Rhianna lost money on her Last Girl on Earth Tour.Usually only big artists with proven track records get fixed rate per show.

            if Selenas deal was fixed value it wasnt much because a tour promoter isnt going to guarantee a lot to an artist that will only gross 20 million for 58 shows with an average 50 dollar ticket price

          • anon

            They had her numbers back from 2011 and anyone would know that her fanbase didn’t change at all, so I don’t see how they would make a bad planning

    • anon

      It is not as they will be starving. She has a rumoured 10 million net worth and that’s enough to all of them have a very comfortable life if she decide just stop. They just coudn’t blow it away and it looks like they are not big spenders.

      • Guest

        I don’t think they will be starving but those net worth websites have been proven wrong over and over again.I don’t think she is worth 10 million.Selena still flies coach and up until a few months ago she was driving a Ford.

        • anon
          • Guest

            It usually means you cant afford to fly first class or private jet on a regular basis.

            Most of the people on that list isn’t 10 million dollar + rich.The only person on that list who is really rich is puff daddy and he was only seen flying coach once and it seemed to be a joke as he made a funny video about it.Puff daddy has fractional ownership in a private jet and flys by private jet most of the time.

        • anon

          And I think she is worth more than 10 million. She has sold more than 15 million records (singles + albums), 2 tours grossing over 20 million, she has her clothing line, the Adidas deal and she was worth 5 million just with WOWP

          • Guest

            Artist make very little from album sales,most of their money is from touring.Selena has sold mostly singles and that brings in much less then whole album.

            An arena tour grossing 20 million is not good,its barley breaking even.All of Riahnnas tours gross more then 20 million and some of them lose money


            She also claims her 2009 tour — Last Girl on Earth Tour — was losing money but the accountant never gave her the heads up.

            The stuff that Selena endorses doesn’t sell much so she isn’t making much off that


            Selena Gomez Settles Perfume Lawsuit: Report

            Selena Gomez has reportedly settled a lawsuit filed by a perfume company that claimed she violated an endorsement deal.

            The singer-actress was sued by Adrenalina, which alleges that Gomez was supposed to be the face of a fragrance line it spent $2 million developing.

            Gomez filed a countersuit, claiming the company was going broke and was unable to produce the perfume.

            According to documents obtained by TMZ, the two sides have now settled the dispute — and Gomez will pay a six-figure amount to resolve the issue.

          • anon

            That Perfume Lawsuit has nothing to do with sales, but with lack promotion on her part. They just wanted her to honor her part in the contract that was to promote the perfume that she really just did at launch.
            And she was worried about losing money she would have done since that was everything they was asking for

          • anon

            More about the lawsuit:


            what I think it was very unprofessional on her part and her team did a big mistake in not investigate the company before she to sign the deal

          • Guest

            She probably takes crappy endorsement deals (a nearly bankrupt Kmart,a male shoe company,a shady perfume company) because she needs money.Again,I know shes not starving but a lot of people depend on her for a living which is not good for the mental state of a 21 year old girl.

    • demi

      omg! you people are as crazy as her making all type of excuses for her. she not ddying of hunger she don’t work in McDonald she has a lot of money to retired for a long time and go to school if she wants to, she support her parent no she don’t they work for their money they manage her business and travel with her, she will have to pay someone else if her parents didn’t do it, so she don’t support them I feel bad for her parent who have to leave everything they doing to support her dream to become an artist is you can call her that! and as for Justin she knew what she was getting into she dated nick and she didn’t seem to care, since she keeps going out with it guys she knows there is thousand of girls after guys who are singer and if she cant handle it then move on, she not as strong then as she tries to potray like I said before she all no talk and no action to me selena seem lazy compare to miley and taylor. she always traveling with Justin when she was most famous and it was because she was dating him that she got a lot of jobs, because I don’t see her this year getting anything so Justin was a HUGE PART OF HER GAINING JOB AND FAME OUTSIDE OF DISNE! why she losing because instead of pushing forward she decided to take a break when her fame is falling and she trying to drag miley, Justin , taylor and demi just to keep revelant in the news while she takes another famous vacation! you want to get well go do what miley did stop thinking about yourself and go help people in need like miley did for an entired year that charged miley helping others/ s
      all selena does is me time, Justin is hurting me, miley hates me, demi is not my friend, nick don’t love me, taylor is friend with other people, nobody want to date me they like my mom blah blah blah always playing the victim. she is crazy is everyone fault but her own, just like her fans they cruxifixed everyon but when selena does they make the stupiest dummest excuses for her and don’t see her for who she really is a famewhore, acting like a victim, and sarcastically instulting everyone and sstaring fights in Disney and everywhere she goes, who is seriously disturb and jelouse of miley she is crazy

      • Guest

        She does support her family.If Selena takes a year off and doesn’t make any money for a year then her mom and dad don’t make any money for the year.

        I understand its not charity and Selena isn’t just giving them money but bottom line is if Selena dosn’t make money her parents don’t make money.

        • lorde

          like any other kids who mother and father had to leave their job and sacrifise themselves to follow their daughther dream to be a star. am sure her parents can get another job doing something else, what did they do before? if they invested well their money they can retired, if they didn’t invest well they are stupid because you know what her mother can do real state, accounting, work on website over the internet, if she invested well in stocks they can live off of that or they invested in a retirement plan they can live of the interest of the10 million dollar if they stop buy expesive cloths. I mean really other parents have other stuff, are you telling me selena mother is that stupid and her father? people critized miley and parents but guess what her mother works and miley father works and they don’t munch on miley, yet they claim selena parents are doing a better job because they got their daughther a stlist to dress better? poff idiot selena fans are idiots, the media and selena can talk all they want and critized miley parents but they are not the one with their kids on rehab or failing or with self esteem issue. I see miley parents who have raise strong self esteem kids, confident In themselves enougt to take on the media and haters, confident enough not to let anyone bully them and strong enough to stand up for themselves, and they all seem happy and they all work and have their own thing going on noah compete in horse , miley sister has her own band and is ventunturing into doing interviews on red carpets and getting her own gigs, tracy has his own band and doing well in his music, and so is billy ray but yet miley parents are the worst because they installed all this into their kids ok! yet selena is falling apart and miley can take on the world eventhought everyone is against her from the media to her backstabbing friend yet miley stand tall and strong and that hat I admire about her!

          • Guest

            Selena grow up poor or middle class.Her mother,father and sister probably couldn’t keep the lifestyle they have now if Selena doesn’t work.Even thier lifestyle now is poor compared to Hollywood standards.

          • demi

            she grew up middle class, poor people cant afford acting class and the stuff she was getting, she wasn’t that poor as she claim Bieber was poor his mom was on welfare and they live in a shelter but selena poor please she was middle class that no poor.

          • Guest


            Selena Gomez: What It Was Like To Grow Up Poor

            Selena makes startling confessions in the July 2012 issue of ‘Elle’
            magazine including what it’s like to grow up poor! Find out all the

            Selena Gomez may be a huge pop star today, but she didn’t always live among the rich and famous! Selena went through rough times as a child!

            Selena’s parents divorced when she was just 5-years-old! The “Love You Like A Love Song” singer was an only child with her mom Amanda Cornett,
            a stage actress, and they quickly found themselves living a life of
            poverty! “I can remember about seven times when our car got stuck on the
            highway because we’d run out of gas money.”

          • CARRY

            she was not poor she just talk about that so people will feel sorry for her, but no person who is poor can afford acting lesson or take the luxyry her mother had to go and be stage actress.she was middle class not poor but she probably don’t know what poor really means.

  • boystan

    nah these rumors are annoying as fuck tbh

    • alex

      don’t stress is selena own team making up all this bullshit to keep her revelants, since she has been lazy and she don’t want to work.

      • Ricardo

        and you know this because… just get a life please.

      • Guest

        I disagree that shes lazy and don’t want to work.Selena seems to take every job that is offered to her.

        Selena isnt working much now because of all the movie and music flops she had last year she isnt getting much work offered to her.Her connection to Beiber is also no longer helping her career.

        Shes currently working on another album.I read that her trip to London was to audition for an acting job,a lot of her latest pap pics say shes coming from business meetings so it seems she is trying to work.She should be taking at least a year of to better herself imo.

  • ert

    selena is a two face, that why she crazy she forgotten who she trying to ruin. all her lies and makeup lie world is falling apart and nobody is buying her fake image anymore and she dont know how to fix it. she as been caught in a lie by Justin, miley, Jonas, demi, and taylor . nobody wants her were demi, were taylor, were Justin, were nick, were miley they don’t want anything to do with her.

  • try

    oh wait didn’t selena fans thought it will be miley with this headlines and the rehab headlines? opps selena did it again trying to make headlines now sounding desperate

    • Ricardo

      You talk like Selena write this…

      • ert

        I will not be surprise so many headlines is probably her so she could stay revelant. since nobody is hiring her for nothing. everyone saw how conceited she got with a little fame she shade everyone and now that she didn’t do as well as she thought she falling

  • LAChris08

    Ya’ll are so funny. A “friend” told Star this? That should be your first 2 clues. First of all, a friend is not likely to tell anyone if she is having issues, and then they are sure as hell not gonna tell Star. Star is a rag that makes up stories based on either a simple rumour, or even just plain fabrication to sell magazines. They are actually well known in doing this, its been referenced in many Pop sources, hell, Men in Black used the rags to find news about what aliens were up to:) Seriously folks, use some critical thinking, Selena is rich, her father is a agent for multiple people, and her mother is paid to be her manager. She lives in a damn nice house in Tarzana, and for those that are not familiar with Los Angeles, or the San Fernando Valley, that is a very nice area. She owns half the house that Beiber used to live in Hidden Hills, also a damn nice, exclusive area (gated) where Britney Spears has her LA house. Making 20 million on a tour is more than just about anyone here will make in 5 lifetimes. She owns a company that sells well. She has holdings in multiple tech companies, and is known to invest in internet companies. Id give that she is likely suffering from exhaustion, as she tends to work a lot, on multiple projects. But STD? Seriously? or even pulling a Britney..Britney has serious bipolar disorder, with a history of major drug use, cocaine does bad things to your brain. Pot and light drinking does not effect your mental state that much. Just remember folks, if it comes from Star, National Enquirer, a couple of the Brit rags, RadarOnline or Blind, its likely made up. And no friend close to a star is ever gonna share that kind of info, especially with gossip sites/magazines.

    • Guest

      She didn’t make 20 million on her tour,thats what the tour grossed.There is a huge difference what a tour grosses and what the performer brings home

      Maybe she is as rich as you say but she used to drive a ford a few months ago,after 15 years or so in show business she was finally got a BMW.Her BMW is from the same place that lets celebs who are papped a lot use their car for free to advertise their dealership with the dealerships name around the license plate.

      Selena does not have a huge mansion,her house is a ghetto compared to the houses of Britney or Justin and she shares the house with her parents.

      Selenas house


      The house Selenas family’s lived in up until around 2011.


      Selena also flies coach on a regular basis,most people with over 10 million dollars dont fly like this


      • LAChris08

        So she is poor cause she lives frugally? You do realize that many celebs live in apartments, nice ones, with lots of security. and Britney Spears was worth 200 million before Sam Lufi took it, and she has made that back. Selena is a rising star, comparing her to Britney or other huge stars is kinda unfair:) And some celebs drive cars that are less recognizable, or easier on gas, or even on the environment. And driving a Ford doesn’t mean your poor, Fords have quite expensive cars:) Just saying, she is not poor, she has more money than most people, and has many interests.
        BTW, this is one article regarding her house she purchased for 2.2 million. So yeah, shes poor:)

        • Guest

          I never said she was poor,I said I doubt she was worth 10 million.

          Fords are not that expensive.Selena drove an escape which costs around 25,000

          A 2.2 million dollar 4,700 sq ft house in Cali is upper middle class,not hollywood star with 10 million dollars.

          Britney isnt worth 200 million.Those net worth sites are mostly bull shit