Gracie Gold ‘Not As Much’ A Bieber Fan

gracie-gold-bieberUS figure skater Gracie Gold, 18, dished to E! News: ‘I got a tweet from Taylor Swift , so that was really cool. And she’s one of my favorite artists, she’s one of the world’s favorite artists, and so to get a tweet from her was really cool.

I saw her in concert in Chicago. It was the last stadium concert of her Red tour, so that was a really great opportunity.. She was so sweet.’ On Jennifer Lawrence: ‘She’s amazing. She’s so funny. She’s so down to earth in all of her interviews. She’s definitely someone I’d love to meet.

I’m a huge Hunger Games fan so I’m really excited for the next installment. Even though Catching Fire just came out, I can’t wait for the third one.’ What about Justin Bieber? ‘Not as much. I’m definitely more towards Taylor Swift if I had to pick one.’ Lol.


  • sna

    Gracie, you’ve touched my heart once again :’)

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Once you fail to medal, you should never be talked about in the media at all.

  • Sandy McFarlane

    This girl is beautiful

  • boystan

    stan for queen taysus

  • Eva

    lol… she totally looks like a Swiftie..

  • HolyGround

    We could totally be best friends if she wasn’t competing in the Olympics and I wasn’t at home on a gossip site lol. I think she’s going to be big in coming years.