Justin Bieber GOING BROKE

justin-bieber-broke9Bieber is going broke spending too much on hookers & jewelry, reports Star.

One of Justin Bieber’s hookers/ Las Vegas waitress Jordan Ozuna slept over at his house in Atlanta. Justin and Jordan first hooked up in Las Vegas where she worked as a Hooters waitress. Justin will continue to look for a mansion in Atlanta’s exclusive Buckhead neighborhood.


  • joejonasfan

    Justtin get a business or put your money in a saving account! Don’t be spending your money on any strippers and friends, if you become poor, NOBODY is going to help you son! Listen to people, to us ,we love you <3

  • Cici

    “swag doesn’t come cheap” & people still argue he isn’t about swag. lololololololollllll……Pretty sure it’s bs, but he still needs to chill out on everything.

    • Idiots on internet

      Lololol and you dumbass still believe stories like this and he actually said that LMAO. Dumb bitch. Can’t believe idiots cannot recognize the bullshit story from the truth.

      • Cici

        & there it is. The ignorant beliebers in denial. Looveeeeeeeeee it. :)

        • Idiots on internet

          I’ m not a belieber dumb bitch. Unlike you I can recognize bullshit from truth, there it is a naive hateful puppet of media who will buy anything. Biebs stop using swag since beginning of 2013 and talking about it. You’re the only one in denial lil girl.

          • Cici

            lmao just hush. You obviously can’t read. bye.

  • Duckyhoward15

    Now this is bullshit , he has lots of money that I am sure his mother that adores it will make sure its safe in a bank or houses etc, also he can’t be bankrupt with millions of fans will buy anything he sells

    • xoxo

      They didn’t went see his last movie

      • Duckyhoward15

        I think we all know this movie wasn’t going to sell , hardly any promption and it worked in other countries though

    • xoxo

      Michael Jackson had a 600 million net worth some time in his lifetime and when he died he was drowning in debt.
      Money is never enough unless you know how spend

      • Duckyhoward15

        Well Michael had no one next to him but Justin as I said has a mummy who adores money

    • Guest

      It seems like he isn’t listing to his mother these days.If he wants to spend I doubt she could stop him

      • Duckyhoward15

        I am sure she has some money saved from him I mean he doesn’t even know who he is

  • Ninjya

    “his accountants can’t belieb it!”

  • JUG

    This is why I kept saying that Justin had to protect his perfume sales. The latest scent, The Key, did not make nearly the splash as his earlier perfumes Girlfriend & Someday. Justin managed to kill the goose that could have laid golden eggs for him well after his pop relevance died. SAVE THE PERFUME SALES.

  • boystan


  • gfhngh

    well all hooters waitres are prostitutes

  • xoxo

    I don’t think he is broke but he sure blows money away a lot. Jordan is not a Hooters waitress anymore, she works at a nightclub where she goes to work dressed like this:


  • Que

    People saying that this isn’t possible and were all “foolish” for believing this. Lets just look back at MC Hammer and compare it to Justin Bieber. MC hammer had a 200 person entourage and would pay them. hmm okay lets see here, Lil Za and Lil twist have been seen driving around in justin biebers cars, they lived in his house along with many other unnamed people including Khalil. MC hammer spent like the money was never going to stop coming in, bieber does the same and he markets himself to an audience that has a short attention span within the next 3 years they will all shift over and be freaking out over the next big thing and forget about him, a lot already did this when one direction came along. I could keep going and going with all the mistakes justin bieber is making but someone on his team needs to tell him to invest his money and stop acting like a douche.

  • Adam

    As much as I’d love to see The Biebs broke, it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. With a conservative 7% interest on his $160 million would net him about $11.2 million a year. Just enough to cover his spending habits over the course of the year.

    • Guest

      He has to pay taxes on the 11.2 million.

      7 % isn’t easy to get these days without taking some risk