Lupita ‘Miley Broke Up Me & Jared Leto’

FF to 2:00. Lupita Nyong’o reveals slutty Miley broke up her and Jared!

  • boystan

    lmao she’s so cute

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    <3 her , she looks so gorg. Win that oscar gurl!

  • Queen Amanda Bynes
    • cerenagee

      Her best acting was as Alex. I wish she was that good with Evey role she did. I feel like Alex is more her personality though so that’s why its so easy for her

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        i agree,she was so good in that role.I thought she was the strongest out of the girls in spring breakers.Her crying scene was really good. i hope she starts doing better movies though, I think spring breakers may be the only one of her movies that have gotten critical acclaim so far.

        • Cici

          I think she should stick to Indie films for a while before moving up so she can get better, or just land another hit tv show on an adult network. I could totally see her in a show like Friends. She def has the potential to be great

  • Cici

    omg Ellen is so witty. I love it so much.

  • Vic

    God, Oceanup.. she was just joking :D

  • BangBang

    She’s gorgeous!

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    She doesn’t deserve the Oscar nom.

    In fact, nobody in that movie did.

    • Let’s Not


    • thecat61

      Sure she does.

  • HolyGround

    She’s so funny haha. I actually took the title seriously for a few seconds.

  • Eva

    I think I am having a black girl phase… She is gorgeous. And that pure white on her skin.

  • laura

    She is really one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Still can’t get over the fact that she’s already 30 years old.. And her accent is the cutest thing ever :o