well they do wear what miley wears after she done it first.
    but I don’t know why they wored that sweater it looks terrible in all of them and they don’t even match that sweater is ugly maybe paired with white short and white sneaker will had looks better.

    • anon

      Ashley Tisdale was the 1st one to wear that

  • disqus_qfyOBdJfvT
  • Dom

    It’s a hideous sweater regardless of who wore it

  • Kristen

    SO many people have this Wildfox sweater. It’s not a new thing. It’s the company’s most famous $300 sweater. Yippee.

  • XaskTaylorX

    I should have picked Taylor! She was the only one not copying another person and having almost originality.

  • Astoria_Malfoy

    My neighbor had that same sweater and she wears it better.

  • -A

    Nobody is copying nobody.
    You’re reasoning like a kid. You’re pathetic.

  • D

    Demi will not be able to pull this look cause she’s fat

    • WatchOut

      I wonder what you look like!?

    • Eva

      Well…. THAT escalated quickly..

    • Zaina777

      You must look like an ugly deformed troll then…you rude piece of shit.

      • k

        just like your mom

        • Zaina777

          More like your transvestite bearded whore gutter trash mother. Like mother like daughter right. You are both shitty excuse for human beings the evidence is you and how she raised a piece of shit gutter trash whore.
          You’re a fucking rude piece of shit. Don’t you ever talk about my mother again you vile piece of trash…maybe you should shut the fuck up. You can’t even put a normal name down your grammar is that bad D, K? really.

          • k

            your mom raise you as a cursing idiot? she must be so proud

          • Zaina777

            Yes,she is proud actually again stop talking about my mother you rat infested cunt. Your mother thinks she made the biggest mistake by creating some piece of shit like you.

          • HarryCurls

            Your mother thinks she made the biggest mistake by creating some piece of shit like you.

            You really are proving to be the better person in this ‘argument’ by saying all this “cunts, whores”


          • Zaina777

            Sweetheart I am the better person. That Mom statement that she used was rude to begin with… She thinks she can make fun of another girls weight and get away with it. I called her out on it and she attacked my mother. She is the rude one she thinks she can say whatever she wants whenever she wants and get away with it. What I said to her was justified just because I used harsher words doesn’t mean it had a greater effect. Maybe you shouldn’t come after peoples mothers if you don’t want retaliation of any kind. Also, Demi wasn’t even on this post yet she felt the need to mention and attack her most sensitive part of her like seriously if she can’t take the heat maybe she shouldn’t be attacking peoples weight and their family members. You really shouldn’t be defending her she’s a bully and I gave her a taste of her own medicine.

          • .

            so basically, you bullied her back.
            You’re both bullies.

          • Zaina777

            No, I had a reason to ” bully” her back she is a bully because she thinks it’s cool to put other people down . I do it to show them what if feels like.

          • honestly

            It’s still bullying, and no reason makes it okay.
            and demi wasn’t gonna read that anyways so ya’ll need to chill

          • Zaina777

            What about my Mom thing you imbecile. Bullying is still bullying no matter who reads it you ignoramous.

          • :)

            “just like your mom” is a slang. Where have you been living all this time? You defended Demi from something she’s not seeing. Get a life. Demi don’t know you exist.

          • Zaina777

            So that makes it right? You are an imbecile.

          • HarryCurls

            I don’t even know there’s actually someone who is still offended by “Like your mom”. This is not 2007.

          • Zaina777

            Just because it’s old doesn’t make it right…you imbecile.

          • Liese

            Calling someone a cunt ain’t right too. You definitely defending Demi in a bad taste.

          • HarryCurls

            And you think you can get away calling people cunts, right? Of course, the solution to handle a bully is stoop to the bully’s level itself.

          • Zaina777

            If she can’t dish it out maybe she shouldn’t be calling peoples mom’s trolls simple as that. Get over yourself, sweetheart. She’s a bully who can’t talk shit but can’t dish it out.

          • plsstopfighting

            not to be rude or butt in, but you got mad at that person for being nasty about your mom (you have every right to) but attacking THEIR mom is just as bad. just sayin

          • Zaina777

            Its not just that I hate these people who have the nerve to say shit and think that they can get away with it. People actually liked her comment too. I am like the nicest person ever but if you start shit with anybody that’s undeserved I’m gonna fight back. Sorry not sorry.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Taylor, the only true American of the three, can pull the stars.

    • guest

      What? How are Miley and Selena any less American?

      • thecat61


  • huh

    where’s Demi? too fat to wear this?

    • Cici

      What about Demi even gives the idea that she is fat? Seriously what is fat on her?

    • Jeni

      I think the pattern here is that only girls with thin and pretty legs can wear this. Demi’s legs are chunky now.

  • anon
    • Cici

      Ellie <333

  • Cici

    awww when Miley was cute.

  • boystan

    taylor wore it best ofc

  • boystan

    taysus allahson swift of nazareth fashion icon, queen of music, lord and savior

  • hmmm

    Selena wore the wrong shoes. But it looks more fit on her so I guess that’s why people are voting for her. Or maybe it is cause she has better legs and breast. At least in these pics

  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    Everyone in LA has that sweater lmao, I have it too but in blue lmao , I think selena wore it best but I just don’t like the orange-ish color.

    • thecat61

      Blue would look nice.

  • HarryCurls

    I picked Taylor

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    what the hell is that sweater, it belongs to the trash boat

  • thecat61

    At least Miley knew not to go out in public again with that sweater.

  • milena

    ashley has that sweater as well