Selena ‘I Live For A Good Hair Whip’

selena-hair-whiphair-whip#STAYSTRONGSELENA. Pix of Selena @ Montage in Beverly Hills HERE!


    seems like she’s on anti-depressants #STAYSTRONGSELENA

    • anonymous


  • boystan

    i live for watching popstars whip their hair

  • Bae

    Miley doesnt

    • boystan

      she’s always whipping her bowl cut tho

  • Cici


  • burn


  • ddemi

    wannabe miley I remember when miley was the one who whip her hair on stage and all selena fans will critized her and guess what now selena is copying once gain, selena honey miley did it first and years ahead of you!

    • anon

      because there was no such thing as a hair flip before miley. get real.

      • CARRY

        there selena fans go making excuses weren’t you the one critizin miley when she was flipping her hair, now selena copies and is always the excuse, is not about who did it first is about that selena does it after her numb nuts.
        and if she throwing shade at miley for having log hair miley already had long hair and selena is the one who coy miley long hairstyle probably why miley change it.

        • javi g

          wow.thats some crazy stuff. what are you smoking? miley stuff or selena’s well selena use anti-depresives and miley use crap like extasy or coke.

          • fds

            no miley weed selena is the one who use those.

          • javi g

            lol you are joking right?

        • mountainmiracle

          Okay when did anyone complain about Miley flipping her hair????

          • demi

            selena fans complaint about miley flipping her hair because she just to do it a lot in her concert selena never did it until miley started doing it and then taylor join in doing it, but taylor looks like she going to lose her neck doing it, and selena don’t know how to do it right because she always get her hair in her face. selena fans made fun of miley when she was doing the hair flipping miley fans have very good memory on the argument, selena fans critized everything miley does and is funny because selena always end up copying her maybe her fans should stop critizing miley because, well selena has an afixiation for miley she sort of have that movie white female the one who trying to be the other person, maybe selena is crazy.

          • mountainmiracle

            First Selena and Taylor have ALWAYS done it and so does everyone else with long hair. Second NO ONE ever cared that Miley whipped her hair. Why does every Miley fan have to bring Selena into to everything? it’s like smilers are obsessed or something.

          • Cici

            OMG WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT A HAIR FLIP!?!??! That is the DUMBEST thing to argue about. These Miley stans are seriously mental…or just way too young to form a proper argument. Which leads to bigger issues with Miley’s fan base.

        • threelittlebirds

          this miley vs. selena is so 2008. find something new to talk about, god damn

        • cerenagee

          Omg you sound fucking ignorant hahahahaha what!!! Nobody has ever given a flying fuck that miley whipped her hair. I’m so concerned for your mental health. Sooooo concerned.

    • javi g

      keep smoking that crap. or they are going to send you to rehab too.

  • anon

    I flip my hair back and forth, remember that song?

  • lorde

    I wonder is it true that selena went for an abortion and that why she been on a break to take care of it? blind item hited she was on that break for drug use and abortion?

    • anon

      just proves Blind Gossip know sh*t. after they said Kevins baby is Filipino…hey just shoot in all directions