Ariana Grande Chris Brown Blue Roses

Preview of Ariana Grande & Chris Brown’s duet ‘Blue Roses’.

  • Hollyhysteria

    I didn’t hear her…so..

  • Jaren

    So, here’s what I don’t understand about Ariana Grande… she will criticize the pope / an entire religion and change her faith because she didn’t agree with one thing (not that the old pope’s values weren’t fucked up) and she’ll change her entire diet and way of living because of how “bad” dairy and meat is… but when it comes to performing with someone who beat a woman mercilessly, she’ll do it with no question, and she’ll defend someone who is being a juvenile outlaw because they have the same manager. This girl has the voice of an angel and she’s adorable. Why isn’t she the least bit genuine? There’s nothing real or lovable about her. Everything seems like an act or a ploy to get a bigger following rather than doing something that comes naturally or what she truly believes in. There’s nothing remotely real about her.

  • boystan