Niall Stuck In A Lift, Harry Out In LA

niall-harry (1)niall-harry (5)Severely claustrophobic Niall Horan was trapped in a lift for more than four minutes at The Arts Club as his bodyguards frantically tried to call for help, reports The Mirror. Niall was panicking while 7 other people were in the lift and one got in trouble with his minders after trying to take footage.

‘Security were frantically trying to get the lift working again but the emergency alarm was down and it simply wouldn’t budge. Everyone was trapped and getting increasingly hot and bothered.

Once it was eventually moving again, the management were very apologetic. The lift was briefly closed down while repairs were made.’ Meanwhile Harry Styles has been walking in Los Angeles. It’s not confirmed if he’s there just to hook up with Kendall or work on his solo career.

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  • boystan

    omg poor niall

  • nic

    harry was in la just with his parents

  • FuckHarry

    Poor Niall, I would be scared too lmao, harry is just chilling out he isn’t looking for a solo career… Yet lmao.

    • HarryCurls

      Harry should pursue acting, he was so good at BSE mv playing a dork

      • FuckHarry

        His acting in Icarly was bad but in bse he was actually very good I was surprised I want to see him and the boys host snl I think they would do so good(:

        • HarryCurls

          Harry was playing himself on Icarly, I think anyone will be awkward while playing themselves. Harry’s good when he’s playing a character.

  • HarryCurls

    Hook up? he’s with his parents

  • for the love of ***

    Is Kris Jenner paying for this website because Kendall will never failed to be mention by this site owner? Just shut the fuck up