Selena Gomez WHITE OUT + Bra Video

black-bra-photo-shoot-videoselena-gomez-white-outSelena posted an Instagrammed titled ‘White Out’. :\

VIDEO under of Selena in black bra and in bed with a man for photo shoot.

  • cre

    what the heck is this about? and then selena fans critized miley what was the point of this video beside show her bra at least miley is on stage working. what was the purpose of this? selena getting desperate?

    • Zaina777

      At least Selena knows the time and the place to dress like that. Does Miley? Nope.

    • hmmm

      A girl in search of herself(she goes around and show the people a pic and in the last scene we see that was a pic from her old self). When it was released I didn’t take very seriously but now after everything that happened maybe it has something to do with her life. Maybe she feels as she lost herself.

    • Eva

      You need to be older to get the video… the meaning is pretty clear and powerful. This was a beautiful shoot especially the end.

  • boystan

    high fashionlena