‘Swift Most Beautiful Person On Planet’

torin-swiftOlympic skiier Torin Yater-Wallace was surprised by ET with a clip of Taylo wishing the athletes good luck at the Winter Olympics, which included a special message for him: ‘Torin, thanks for listening to my music while you practice. That’s amazing.’

Torin: ‘Whoa. She knows my name.’ Where would he take Swift on a first date? ‘We’ll go to the Hickory House in Aspen and get barbeque ribs and maybe go to the hot tub at the Ritz Carlton.

And she can come over and we can see what happens after that.. I’d like to thank you,Taylor Swift, for telling me good luck, and tell her she’s one of the most beautiful people to walk on this planet.’

  • boystan

    you got that right

  • HolyGround

    Same. Its so cute that she sent him a message aww

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    This guy better not be gay like all Taylor’s other “boyfriends”.