Taylor Swift & Lorde @ Paradise Cove

taylor-swift-lorde-paradise-cove (4)Taylor Swift & Lorde at Paradise Cove in Malibu. No Selena in sight..


  • sara

    Taylor needs to find friends at her own age…

  • kurty

    taylor shading selena hanging out with someone who doesn’t like selena and selena has gone public about lorde hating on her, I guess they are not friend any more, taylor probably don’t want to be around someone so toxic like selena. it seem selena has problem with everone!

  • boystan


  • HolyGround

    Yes queensss. I hope they work on a song together. They both look so pretty here.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Taylor’s style is rubbing off on Lorde <3

  • Anon

    I definitely feel like Taylor is a user now… I know people were saying that for a long time but I didn’t usually buy into it. But now… I mean she was all besties with Selena so why is she suddenly all besties with Lorde? Oh wait, Lorde is gaining popularity. :/ Come on, Taylor, don’t be like that…

    • Guest

      Usually its stars with little to no talent who hang with other stars to stay relevant because they don’t have enough talent to stay relevant on their own(Selena).

      Taylor doesn’t need to hang with other famous people to stay relevant or to help her career,shes one of the top stars in the world because of her music not who she hangs out with or who she dates

    • Ali

      Probably it has to do with Selena friendship with Katy Perry. Katy and Taylor aren’t friends anymore and Selena keep hanging out with Katy. Or maybe Taylor was feed up with the Jelena drama

    • kurty

      lol are you joking? ummm taylor is huge selena is a nobody compare to taylor, anyone was using anyone it was selena. she the one who has the reputation of using other stars and her boyfriend to gained fame and steal it from them. taylor don’t need selena, but selena need everyone else.

  • javi g

    im a fan of taylor and selena and demi but taylor needs to grow up and hang out with adults. how old is lorde anyway she looks older. her music needs to grow up too. more heavy country music and less singing about break ups.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      lorde will be an adult in a few months anyway so I support this friendship

  • anna

    i know theres an age difference between taylor and lorde, but its about the same age difference as lorde and her boyfriend so…i think lorde is just mature for her age, and her music shows it too. i think lorde and taylor make a good friendship…i just see them having a lot in common. selena and taylors friendship surprised me because i don’t see them having much in common.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      yes and lorde’s bf is actually 2 years older than tay anyway lol.

      people are 17 in college all the time and friends with older people,its actually normal.

  • anon

    kurty,you don’t know nothing about selena.
    selena was famous before she has novio,

  • anon

    stop blame selena for picking who she want for a friends….she is everybody friends.

  • anon

    so do taylor swift,….

  • :]

    I think Tay doesn’t hang with Sel anymore cause she’s done with her bieber drama.

    Lorde > Selena