Demi Lovato ‘One Person Saved My Life’

Demi Charlotte soundcheck & interviews under! M&G pix via @justcatchmedemi: ‘I’m not planning on doing a country album but I do love writing music. For some reason I end up writing a bunch of country songs. It’s like the southern girl in me coming out.’

Demi revealed: ‘One person saved my life. They told me to get my sh*t together and gave me to will to succeed‘. Listen to the first interview interview under the cut. Who do YOU think saved Demi’s life?!

  • boystan

    song of the decade

  • bridget

    Her version of this at the actual concert have been much better than this soundcheck performance that’s posted. Ex:

  • Dash


  • Lali

    I think that was Wilmer. There has to be a reason why she is so loyal to him

  • liz

    ugh her singing voice is so pretty it’s RIDICULOUS

  • Anon

    It’s Wilmer because back when she entered rehab, New York Post outed their relationship and said he was the one who told her to get help. But Nemi fans will say it’s Nick just like Stop The World is about Nick and not Alex Noyes. Xd

  • -

    i think its her mom. she said in an interview that her mom said “get help or we’ll move to texas and you cant see maddie again” or smth like that

    • Anon

      No it’s Wilmer because she said the person came into her life 4 years ago and she met Wilmer in 2010.