Innocent Justin Bieber Before Drugs

justin-bieber-shirtless-st-lucia (94)Justin Bieber during his peak in 2012 and before his innocence was corrupted by drugs and hanger-ons spent a holiday in St. Lucia with Ryan Good, Carin Morris and Allison Kaye. + a new photo of the thug he has become.


  • lol

    ah yes, before he came a trash drug addict and lost all his fame.

    • well

      Ah yes, only he didn’t lose his fame and never will. Society is just thirsty for Biebs, headlines about every breath the dude takes. People talk more about his arrest and egging incident where yet he has to be announced guilty or innocent , more then wars worldwide and actual problems in the world. If he lost it, nobody would care. Hopefully he’ll grow up and come back as normal dude and not waste his talent like this. At the end of the day, it’s not too late for a wake up call.

      • lol

        wow, what a great kind of fame he has where everyone only talks about the bad stuff he does because thats the only interesting thing about him. nobody gives a shit about his music anymore except for his deluded fans, which is mostly what i meant by fame. its never too late for a wake up call, but to bad he doesnt care about that with the millions of dollars hes already gathered.

        • Barbz21

          Still he’s done some good stuff but media ignored it, that’s just sad. They are thirsty for bad news from him cause his haters care about that, that’s the difference.

  • threelittlebirds

    how do we know he wasn’t already on drugs here? he could’ve just been really good at hiding it, or just wasn’t doing as much as he is now.

    • Barbz21

      You’ll assume the worst because you might not like him. It’s obvious he was clean and happy here! He started shit in 2013, the housekeeping lady gave an interview about it.

  • Que

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  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Awe these were the nicer days for him when he had the media backing him up. It doesn’t matter though because people were still attacking him on a daily bases. No surprise he has gone completely off the wagon.

  • ivan

    Drugs? Heroin? Coke? Opiates? The only drugs he has been proven to take are Xanax, a legitimate drug for anxiety and pot which half of the country uses including most of Hollywood. The Zizzurp thing is based on rumors probably because a a few of his friends like Lil Wayne and probably Twist tried it and probably had Justin try it as friends are prone to do. No trace of Zizzurp was found in his system when tested lately. And Gossipcop refuted the idea he has been a regular user last year. When is the smearing of this kid by sites like this going to stop?

  • boystan

    who that white kid