Miley ‘Bruised Legs From Bangerz Tour’


  • cerenagee

    Damn. That’s because she turned up and goes hardddddd as fuck. She turnttt it up.

    • thecat61

      I’m thinking she got these bruises from the Love, Money, Party performance.

      • cerenagee

        Probably. She was on the floor bouncing around.

  • lol

    i dont see how giving a fake blowjob on stage does anything for feminism…since she calls her self a feminist.

    • TrueSmiler

      Take easy.
      Now Miley as artist is just a comical cheap slut, not a honest artist.
      Just the truth.

  • Donut

    Nobody gives a fuck!!!! She acts like she’s making history on that stage but nobody cares about her naked self. Shit!!!!!

    • Sandy McFarlane

      lmao I just laughed out loud, you’re speaking the TRUTH tho

    • thecat61

      No, she’s having fun. You’re the one who thinks otherwise. And if nobody cared about her they wouldn’t be at her show.

      • mountainmiracle

        I think the point is that she thinks she some sort of movement and making history when really she’s just a girl imitating porn on stage.

        • TrueSmiler


  • thesestrangelittlethings

    Eh, I’ve had worse.

  • Zaina777

    Gee, I wonder what she got those bruises from…hint hint ;)

  • boystan

    suck that dih whitegirrrrrl