• Guest

    How long before she’s go’s running back to him?

  • HarryCurls

    This pairing never made sense to me, they’re toxic to each other

  • Bad

    How do these pics keep getting online?
    And don’t say now ‘its selena’
    I slowly doubt she would srsly do that

    • laura

      Either his or her management, someone hacked their phones or it’s photoshopped. Who knows with these two…

      • meh

        I saw this on tumblr like 2 years ago…oceanup just being it usual slow self by posting this in 2014

        • laura

          Oh well, we have our answer then :p

    • javi g

      i think its both fan bases that post pics everywhere. selena has fans who still likes them as a couple and him has some fans who like the idea of the perfect couple so they post pics of them together. i say keep dreaming theres not such thing as perfect anything.

  • cerenagee

    I really hope that she doesn’t go back to him. She’s so much better off on her own.

    • Angie.

      Lol it’s not like that hun. She went to rehab, drinks all the time and I ain’t buying her managments stories how she went cause of something else other then drugs, when you’re tired you get a vacation. Smoking and shit, she ain’t that perfect either. They’re both fucked up, her career isn’t going well either without him. At least cagi was top ten after all jelena pr ;)

      • javi g

        rehab is for every addiction form legal drugs like ambien and the ones michael jackson use to illegal drugs like pot,crack,heroin and extacy and alcoholism. also some rehab centers help with emotional issues. if she went to rehab is the best thing she did to get help.

        • Angie.

          Um of course. Just saying she ain’t all that better on her own

      • demo

        they have been saying Bieber has infor on her and probably why she so worry she not as clean as she thrying to make everyone think or as nice, her act is falling she shouldn’t never gone against people

        This former A list tweener who is now an A list celebrity/singer and B- list actress with almost A+ list name recognition has a fairly squeaky clean reputation. That reputation is in danger though because there is a 30 second cell phone video of her snorting lines of coke like a champion while dressed in just a pair of panties.

        blind item is Selena Gomez

        • anon

          Get over it. That blind item is from a month ago and still no video. But keep waiting, I guess?

          • demo

            no they were correct they said she was doing drugs and now it came out she went to rehab for it. why selena fans are always In denial.

          • anon

            I didn’t say she didn’t do drugs, I know anything about that. I’m saying this video does not exists or it would already be out.

          • Fghjkl

            Well st least selena went to rehab to cure her self and Justin bieber he is still in drugs

          • Guest

            You don’t cure yourself in rehab in 2 weeks.She didn’t even stay halfway through the program.

  • dkdjdd


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Seen this pic before, I never could get behind them as a couple. Something wasn’t right.

  • boystan