Louis ‘Harry Styles Is A Good Boyfriend’

larry-stylinson-lovelouis-homoLouis Tomlinson revealed to The Sun: ‘I think we are actually all pretty good boyfriends. We’re definitely romantic. When we actually get to be with our girlfriends, we just want to do the normal stuff we never get to do, like watching crap TV together and staying in.’

Since the boys are on the road so much they find it difficult to spend time with their girls: It’s definitely harder, but I think we’re in relationships because we want to be in them.. We want to make them work [so] you only get distracted if you want to be distracted.’

1D fans are pissed at Nick Grimshaw: ‘Grimmy made a list of 15 people more annoying than Lorde, and Louis was on the list.’ Many threatened to kill him, so he Tweeted: ‘hey 1D fans!!!!! i never mentioned the word “Louis” on my show today so enough with the charming homophobic death threats yeh?’

UPDATED with Harry pictured at Kodaline’s show in LA last night.

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  • For the love of ***

    Riigghhtt Louis said this when he gets furious with all this Larry bullshit. Please Larry fans needs to stop harrasing this two and even selling fake stories to a trashy tabloid like The Sun

  • enchantedx

    “The Sun” tho

  • enchantedx

    Also didn’t he say ‘WE’ and not ‘HARRY’.. um..

  • UM NO

    He said “we” as in all members of one direction are good boyfriends to their respected Gfs Eleanor, Sophia, Perrie not boyfriends to each other. Fuck you oceanup you sick bastard!!! this is why louis hates fucks like you!!

    • live.love.learn.

      but I agree with the rest of the comment :)

  • HaylorToU

    aww oceanup, your gay accusations to one direction is so 2010

  • mich

    Im all for Larry but I never would push it or make up shit. He clearly said WE and not Harry. Stop the bullshit Oceanup

  • Rosemary


  • Lorde

    And just as I thought oceanup can’t be anymore stupid. Guess you’re staring too much at Miley’s ass crack which lowers your intelligence, huh oceanup?

  • Pou

    Normal headline: Harry Styles eating a sandwich

    How oceanup sees it: Harry Styles made love to a sandwich

  • Cici

    lol OU is the ultimate troll.

  • boystan