• anna

    Do people like Miley? When I say people I mean the general population…or do they see her on the same level as Bieber? This is a serious question so I’d appreciate serious responses. I don’t mind Miley I’m just wondering. I know the general population does not like Bieber. But him and Miley see very similar in my opinion. The only big difference between them is Miley advertises the dirty dancing and smoking weed and being naked while Justin just…..does it.

    What kind of bothers me is how much people seem to love Timberlake these days. i like him too but i don’t like how so many people love him when i don’t see him much different as JB or miley either besides age and maturity. but thats another discussion…

    • Boo

      There’s a lot of people who like her where I’m from.

    • Lali

      A lot of people likes her. She grew up in front of the cameras, so there are a kind of acquaintance.
      Not to mention that she comes very put together and sympathetic in interviews.
      The main issue of people with Justin is his ego.

    • threelittlebirds

      i think it’s pretty much half and half.

  • lololol

    haha, the song’s 4:20 long.

  • thecat61

    Glad she did Landslide. Love that song.

  • Cici

    Her voice is perfect for Landslide.

  • boystan


  • smb

    They seem to like Miley. The big difference between Miley and Bieber is Miley keeps it legal for the most part and isn’t doing anything that could threaten someone Else’s life or property, while Bieber has vandalized property, done illegal drugs, been caught drag racing under the influence which could have resulted in someone being hurt or killed. The only drug that MIley admit to doing is pot. She sings about other drugs but there has never been any proof that she is actually doing them, as opposed to bieber who has had a positive drug test. She only drank underage as far as anyone know when she was in a country where it was legal. She doesn’t disrespect other people unless they disrespect her, and even then she keeps it civil. These are generalities of course. NO One s perfect.

  • BrokenArrow18

    She did landslide when I went to see her omg I want to see her again