Church, ‘All Miley Knows Is To Be Sold’

miley-cyrus-masturbating-bangerz-pictures (2999)Classical singer Charlotte Church told STYLIST Magazine on Miley Cyrus: ‘It’s so obvious this young lady has a skewed perspective because of what she’s been through. All she knows is to sell and be sold. This sounds patronising but in a couple of years she’ll change her tune. I went through a similar-ish thing, not to the depths she is taking it to.

But it’s exhibitionism. As a teenager, you’re really egocentric. Why would you give a f**k about the rest of society. I try to let my kids make their own way and be free, but trying to protect them and let them make their own choices at the same time [is hard].

For instance, I don’t want my little girl to see a Katy Perry video. I like Katy Perry; she’s funny, I’m not fussed on her music, but I don’t want my little girl to hold her up as an ideal. I think a lot of what she does is marketed to children. All that candy stuff [in her ‘California Gurls’ video]. If [Ruby] had seen that she would have loved it, sweets everywhere and then there she is, this naked chick!’

Do YOU think that Miley is prostituting herself?

NOTE: Katy Perry reportedly broke up with John Mayer!


  • HarryCurls
    • Jes

      the whole body

  • JUG

    If prostituting means doing anything and everyone possible to for fame and fortune, then yes, that could be called prostitution. In Miley’s mind, I’m sure it means being a good business person. I just think it’s sad that artists have to go to Miley’s extremes to get famous.

    • lanie

      I agree! And Charlotte Church has said it so well in this article.

  • TrueSmiler

    Never, Miley is an completely honest and true artist.

    She does everything just by your love for the music and for your fans.

    She is so amazing, so natural and so sexy too.

    See this photo, she is soooo sexy.

    Learn Shakira.

    • iWizard

      Please don’t compare Miley to Shakira, dude. Shakira is on a totally other level.


    That was a really coherent and well-stated argument. Exhibitionism is a great word to sum up Miley Cyrus.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Completely agree with all of this. Nicely said.

  • GAB

    Very intelligently said. Would rather be Charlotte Church’s kid than Tish Cyrus’ kid. She is very protective yet thoughtful. (plus she could give me amazing voice genes) Something went wrong in the Cyrus house. It’s a shame cause the little sister Noah is adorbs. Hope she turns out OK.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Miley should not take advice from a drug-addicted woman who dated a heroin and cocaine dealer.

  • thecat61

    Oh, another one heard from. I’m sure Miley don’t give 2 shits what you say, bitch!!!

  • Try

    Prostitution really miley is not the one going out with huge famous guys and having sex with them to gaine fame that more like Selena style. Miley is a real artist she sing,she dance,she write her own song,she play her instruments, she design how she like her stage and things done, she a business woman . While Selena was going around with bieber in which it was when she was the most notice she spend most of the time vacationing with him,while miley is all work.

    • You tried

      So Selena isn’t allowed to go on vacation or spend time with someone who was her boyfriend for two years? I don’t understand your argument, also did you forget that Miley took a long ass time off to spend with Liam and her dogs while selena was still working? I mean that’s the whole reason Miley has to resort to these antics, so her record wouldn’t flop like can’t be tamed did in the US.

    • “Your an idiot” get it?

      Out of all the songs she has released, she only wrote seven of them. And that was with a team of writers. Also Miley can’t dance. She can’t even twerk

  • Dara

    Oceanup, please do everyone a favor and stop using THAT particular picture on every Miley post, please?

    • Cici


    • iWizard

      Thank you. Every time I see a “Miley…” headline, I cover the screen just in case.

  • cerenagee

    I agree with this. I don’t think miley realizes that she’s prostituting herself out for fame. Yeah she’s got the talent and vocals to back at up and the passion to go with it but everything before and something’s in the bangerz tour are totally unnecessary. Her great talent alone should have carried her.

  • Gary

    Problem is that Miley is taking advice from people that have no clue what “SEXY” is. Taylor Swift dressed up like a 50’s librarian looks more sexually attractive than miley dancing around with Robin Thicke. Miley is not acting sexually attractive but sexually AVAILABLE. This type of behavior is from someone who is desperately trying to hold on to her fading teen fame.

  • boystan