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  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    He looks sexy here.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    I’m mad that Rolling stone removed Drakes cover and didn’t even give him the next issue for this crap, like wasn’t Justin’s arrest relevant in January?

  • Cici

    I would rather see Drake on the cover.

  • Blue

    Didn’t rolling stone say they would never put justin bieber on their cover?

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      well this is his 3rd cover lol

  • LALA

    I bet he’s loving this. He’s always worked so hard for the “bad boy” image. Why are they stroking his ego? He’s not good enough for all this attention.

  • Alii

    They put the worst people on their covers. First a terrorist, then Miley Cyrus, now this.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      honestly that terrorist one made me sick thinking about it.they could have put a victim from the bombing on the cover.He killed people and got rewarded.I dont know wtf was going though their head when they put that cover out.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    It’s just giving him publicity and it’s Rolling Stone so that’s not bad even if they meant it to be.

  • Tash

    I was just thinking this today ironically enough. All this attention is only aiding bieber and keeping him in the spotlight for no good reason. He had his 15min. He wasnt gonna get more popular than that. He was about to either fade out or just be a normal entertainer like the rest who had forged their place. But he is still on that peak of popularity and fame due to this crap. Truth be told, he always wanted to be a thug or homeboy or whatever bad ass bullshit these little children masquerading as men dream of and want to be seen as. Just wait and see. He wont fade for a few years. After this he will go and fix himself or prove the haters wrong and go and tell his story and aell it everywhere just like he did with that never say never and believe crap that he used to pity himself and sell to the masses as well as the haters so they could deel sorry for him. This kids whole career is one big pity party. Literally! Hes cashing in and partying and feeling sorry for himself. Wants to have his cake and eat it too. Dont think hes done. The next album will have a slew of feel sorry for me and i will rise above songs. As his team has done in the past, they will promote the hell out of that and make endless pity party tributes with interwiews and another movie. So sad. People work so hard to be on this mag and he gets on for behaving like a brat and doing jack shit. This is why his team is leaving it to simmer and so is he i suspect. he is as famous as ever and still has so many supports and people feeling sorry for him instead of holding him accountable.

    • Barbz21

      Bitch please. Stop acting like you know him and talk to him everyday, none of us knows what’s really going on, cut your bullshit and get a damn life. Bieber never needed bad pr to stay relevant only a fool would think that (You) he was VERY relevant before all of this shit, sold out all of his shows, 3 top 10 singles all 3x platinum and stuff, he did good job. Cut the bullshit

  • cerenagee

    Where’s drakeeee

  • LL2222

    LOL. Yeah. He THINKS he’s a bad boy. Wuss-boy is more like it. Bad boys don’t have to prove they are bad and they don’t have huge body guards protecting them. Acting like an A-hole doesn’t show balls, it shows lack of class. He’s the biggest Wuss out there. Rolling Stone is going down the tubes putting him on the cover.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    They just used an old stock photo?

    Bieber didn’t want to pose for this irrelevant publication?