Justin Bieber Stumbles In DUI Jail Video

bieber-drugsFF to 1:00. Police seized Justin Bieber’s Escalade from his Atlanta, GA home on Tuesday and they found marijuana, reports TMZ. Police arrested Bieber’s driver and bodyguard after her allegedly stole a paparazzi’s camera in front of the Atlanta house that Justin rented.

After the Escalade was towed to police headquarters it was inspected and cops found less than an ounce of weed. Police reportedly also found two large glass smoking pipes with marijuana residue. Police said there wasn’t enough pot to charge anyone for a crime.

Do YOU think Bieber is ever going to stop smoking pot?

UPDATED with Bieber doing pushups in jail cell under. Peeing video soon!

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    they just picking on him, he doesn’t even look like he is stumbling he seem fine and did the straight line just fine

    • Alii

      Did you even watch 1:00 or are you trolling…

      • Barbz21

        If he was that drunk he wouldn’t do those push ups with NO problem at all. Get a grip.He doesnt look drunk. If fact, let me find a drunk and show you how a real drunk walks a straight line.Don’t forget he was pulled over after 4 AM so it’s probably around 5 AM and he hasn’t slept all night probably a few nights either — plus it’s unnatural way of walking, going toe toe, I just tried it myself and lost my balance! Plus I feel dizzy when I’m dehydrated !!! This is not a scientific or medical test at all, it’s quite stupid, it was invented by a drunk in an English pub!

      • cerenagee

        Tbh, he didn’t actually stumble. He like wobbled for a second. I hardly say that proves he was drunk.

      • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP


    • SR


      Great article to read. I was too blinded by the media and all those stories, since I never liked Bieber of course I attacked him, but now I’ve giving him a rest for real. I read this and It kinda woke me up from ”hating on him”. There’s so much going on in the world but they’re pushing this guy’s ‘mental breakdown’ and people are cheering for it? Makes me sad for this society, I didn’t like him ever but I was never happy for his failure, now I even feel sorry. People are sick and judgemental towards Bieber and they will NEVER give him a chance to like him, no matter of how good he does in future they will still hate him, wait and see. No wonder he broke under pressure, they hated him when he didn’t do anything wrong years before. He probably though, you hate me for no reason ? Alright I’ll give you a reason, I can be bad too. All of the thirst for this guy is disgusting, why do people care so much at all and on top of that never check their facts? Sad. but still read this article, it’s good even for me.

      • cerenagee

        I agree. It’s so sad.

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        it reminds me of Amanda’s breakdown last year.Everyone loved her at first ,then they turned on her,then they made her into a joke .Everyone also wanted her to go to jail when all she really needed was to get help .

        The media loves to bring people up ,then tear them down.It is so disgusting.

  • ty

    wow he got arrested again? haha

    • Barbz21

      No dumbass, this is from january. Stupid people.

  • lol

    hes such a little prick. he deserves the jail time so we dont have to hear anymore shitty music from him.

  • anna

    i think pot will be legal before justin stops using it. he really ought to move to colorado or seattle…

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      lmfao , IKR. you would think his team would have mentioned those places to him

  • Dara

    He looks ridiculous wearing those huge shoes. Why does everyone consider them “cool”

  • anon

    he walked that line pretty well tbh

  • Q

    well he deserve to be in jail for the rest of his life justin bieber belongs there

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I watched it fully and he looked fine to me.

  • Godney

    i gotta say he does really good pushups

  • ivan

    I guess you can’t wait to see his dick! Anyway this is a good way for the prosecution to try making him look bad with the help of the useless media. The push up video shows how stupid this is; it merely shows he’s in great shape and in control of himself. The wobbling in the walk video does not prove he was impaired. Under those conditions and with those shoes, wobbling briefly could happen to anyone even that dumb police officer standing there. But I know you all want him to fail and end up in jail, not wishing him well.

  • cerenagee

    As much as I don’t like bieber – this is pathetic. Is this even legal? The fact that videos from in jail are put now is so ridiculous. So now the justice system has turned into scumbag paps? Is is so disgusting to me. Anything to wreck this kids life. Granted, he is making a lot of stupid mistakes and of course he must suffer the consequences – this is not how.

    And as for that “stumble”, he wobbled on one foot for like a second or two. I can barely walk a straight line sober. Like this is so ridiculous.

  • cerenagee

    Tbh, if i was in Justin’s shoes and the whole world was rooting for me to fuck up and disappear from the earth I would probably be fucking up just as bad as him. It’s so sad to see people giving him so much hate as if that’s going to be what straightens him up.

    • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP

      true tea

    • Angie.

      I would go nuts. He was just as hated even before all of this, since 2009 hate wagon is not leaving him alone.

  • Anon

    He wouldn’t make it in the military with 22 push ups. But I feel him because I hate push ups. :/