• Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Christina Grimmie sang it way better than Miley ever could on The Voice.

    • at gri

      no lol miley vocals are better than grimmie are you kidding miley did excellent eventhought she was crying with emotions. something grimmie don’t know how to do, make a song have meaning and miley is extremely good at that! so learn to recognized talent little girl.and grimmie didn’t even go as high as miley can go.

      • thecat61

        I bet if she did a taylor song she probably would’ve said she ruined taylor’s song.

      • …..

        Miley has a high range? Um no sweetie, I don’t think you know what going high means miley is an alto. And Grimmie kicked that songs ass and the fact that you think miley does it better proves you know nothing about music. You don’t have to cry to show emotion, it is the singers voice and yes Grimmie has that. She has the ability to move people with her voice. Miley can sing with emotion and that is great, but she isn’t the best singer. She sings a lot of flat notes live and she really doesn’t have a big range. It’s fine that you like miley better, but acting like you know things about music(that you clearly don’t) to prove your point is just going to piss people who do know music off.

        • ladylove

          Wait what? You’re really saying that “miley sings a lot of flat notes and doesn’t really have a big range”…. You’re clearly the one who doesn’t know about music.

        • Clauber

          Hi Chris :D

    • Um

      Christina who????

      • Um


    • Anna

      Without a doubt! Miley is not a terrible singer, but she isn’t all that great either. Christina Grimmie is so good that she was mind blowing on the voice. My mom said that was on of the best auditions she has heard in six seasons on that show. So yeah she did better than miley.

    • Clauber

      OMG i know Cristina is awesome , i loved her performance

  • Jess

    That child is a mess. One damn mess. And, so are her parents for allowing her antics to continue. “Lewd and lascivious behavior” are not the words I’d want connected to MY daughter’s actions. Damn shame what they’ve allowed.

    • Swerve

      lmao cause its not like she’s a grown up???? don’t freaking blame the parents all the time. miley is her own person and she isn’t 14 anymore.

    • ladylove

      Dude she’s worth more than $100 million. She’s never been arrested or gotten in trouble. She’s going through a rebellious phase like Madonna, Britney, and Christina did. Completely normal. Plus she is super talented, she’ll win a Grammy one day.
      And aren’t you like 13? What do you know about raising a kid?

  • Cici

    I kinda feel bad for her because she is clearly still heartbroken… Or she is just emotional & hormonal…ether way.

    • thecat61

      I think she get’s emotional when she hears the whole arena singing with her.

  • guest

    what does she say around 1:25 in the video? i caught “fucking leg” but didn’t get the first part

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Still broken, huh.

  • Clauber

    She really miss Liam :'( its a shame that She is acting like crazy when She is such a beautiful persom

  • Cici

    I agree. I always thought the break up is what she’s rebelling on.