Miley ‘Makes Out W/ Gay Guys Or Girls’

miley-french-kisses-katy-perry-on-stage-2Miley Cyrus enjoys making with with gay men or random girls, reports OK! ‘She’s surrounded by some of the hottest guys around, but Miley’s turned into a total commitment-phobe. It doesn’t take long before they get the message and give up.

She’ll do something crazy that turns them off or intimidates them, like blatantly making out with a random girl or gay guy in full view of everyone. She’s in denial over the heartache of breaking up with Liam. She doesn’t want to let anyone get close to her. Like she opened up to Liam.’

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  • smb

    What does the OK in OK magazine mean, Oh yeah, it means Only Kidding. Who would ever take this seriously?

    • thecat61

      You’d be surprised!

  • cerenagee

    Who cares. Shes single and has been for awhile. I do agree that she’s not over liam though. Poor thing

    • thecat61

      Didn’t she just say that she’s not interested in a serious relationship anyways? Fucking tabloids.

  • Alii

    There was an entire Tyra episode about what she does. lol

  • Amanda

    She was ENGAGED to Liam and in love with him for a few years. Sorry, but she’s not gonna be over him for a while thats just how it works. But in the meantime she should just have fun and do her thing and people should just leave her alone! The last thing she needs to do is jump into another relationship.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Ok and?