Selena ‘Baby Hairs’, Music Caused Crash

selena-baby-hairsjustin-revengeselena-pierceSelena posted a pic ‘baby hairs’ + a father spotted her flying back to LA. American snowboarder Greg Bretz posted a photo of an accident he had while listening to Selena Gomez’s music during training. Via SelenaBrazil.

Source told In Touch that Selena dressed sexy on Niall Horan date to get back at Justin Bieber: ‘She is definitely [trying] to get back at Justin. She made sure to amp up her sexy outfit since she knew he would see the photos.‘ Happy she is safe and back from Denver, it does not appear to been another rehab trip.


  • Hr

    She really need to stop using people, or using them to gain fame from them it seem like that all she does.

    • kass

      She can date or be friends with whoever she wants. She is not putting a gun in their head and obligating them or something. Mind your business ;)

      • alex

        excuses, excuses you all know is wrong and is not a role model to screw people up for fame, she sort give me the hypocrite mean girl vibe behind cameras. she seem like she uses people that not a good example for her fans. Probably why she has end up alone, not even taylor is hanging with her.

        • threelittlebirds

          she has more friends than just talyor

  • Ridetheocean

    I Love her!!!!

  • Try

    Is this what Selena has come down to to use people to stay on mag

  • HolyGround

    “Selena dressed sexy on Niall Horan date to get back at Justin Bieber” sounds like a 12-year-old wrote this

    • javi g

      thats the mind set of any gossip reporter. and a brain of a tick.

  • Marina And My Diamonds


    Any who she must be bored to post a pic of her baby hair. Such a cutie.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    love her for posting that throwback of chilli and usher lol <3

  • cerenagee

    She’s so cute. I loveeee her

  • FuckHarry

    I really don’t like how they said “Selena dressed sexy on Niall Horan date to get back at Justin Bieber” why can’t she dress sexy for herself because it makes her feel good? Why does it always have to be for a guy. Idk it just annoys me.

  • anon
  • Cici

    Love her so much. She’s such a cutie

  • threelittlebirds
  • anon
  • Tash

    Why is is that i hate her so much?? I’ll even take that douche bieber over her. Maybe it has to do with the fact that her ass is kissed and shes the least talented from her age bracket. Oh and a fake bitch. Who knows these things.

  • Tash

    She kinda looks like lea michelle in the pic on the right. And that chick is not cute. Really selena, your looks is all you have. Take care of it. Just saying.

  • Common sense

    Why are u such a fucking hater though!? She’s rich as fuck and would laugh at ur stupid ass comment. She doesn’t care what the fuck u think. So sit down.