Taylor Swift New Album Will Be ROCK?!

taylor-swift-rockerA Taylor Swift fan ATRL.NET took a survey for an invite-only company called UsaTalkNow implying that Taylor’s new album will be rock based: ‘The first question asked me what artists I thought of when I though of Rock Music, and the second questions asked what artists I thought of when I thought of Alternative Music.

Then the following questions asked me what my impressions were on Taylor Swift and U2. Finally, I was asked the below questions. These questions definitely hint at a new direction, by putting Taylor Swift in the same category as major Rock singers.

Will YOU be happy if Taylor makes a rock or alternative record?

  • Cici

    That’s a smart idea by getting people’s opinion on it before she actually does it.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    ‘Will YOU be happy if Taylor makes a rock or alternative record?” tbh i love anything she puts out.A folk/alternative album like ‘safe and sound’ would be amazing though!

  • HolyGround

    YES. How are we expected to wait until fall for this album I am not going to survive

  • Jen

    YES YES YES. I was devastated when she announced she wanted to work with Dr. Luke and Max Martin again for the next album. I love Taylor but her pop songs not so much.

  • XaskTaylorX

    Ummmmm. Go ahead and try it taylor. Be a mix of everything ie country, pop, rock, and whatever else she does…

  • cerenagee

    She’s so adorable. I love her hair. Can’t wait.

  • liz

    she can’t sing rock tho, her voice is too soft, and doesn’t have nearly the amount of power. when I think female rock singer, I think hayley Williams, amy lee, and lacey sturm. those are the queens imo. all of which have very powerful and sharp chest voices.

  • Gary

    I think Taylor is getting into that point of her career where she feels or needs to change things up. She has been single for a year, probably due to the bad taste Jake and Harry left in her mouth. SO that inspiration is not there. So she is going through a creative crisis, this can lead to artists making some real stupid decisions.

    Garth Brooks has Chris Gaines, and Kiss got tired of being a circus act singing about girls and partying and wanted substance and did Music from the Elder, a soundtrack for a mythic hero’s journey. Both projects were equally appalled by the critics and public.

    But Taylor is a talented songwriter, one who can write songs that are not about high school relationships, just listen to Ronan.

  • boystan