Austin Mahone ‘My Secret Flirt Move’

austin-mahone-shirtless-abs (2)mahomieeeAustin Mahone revealed to Tiger Beat the flirt trick he uses to catch a crush’s attention: ‘It’s called ‘The Transition’. I find something I have in common with a girl I so I can break the ice and start talking to her. It can be anything. That’s the transition into me talking to her!

First, I find a prop. Fo example, let’s say she has a dog, I’ll ask her, ‘What kind of dog is that?’ Then I’ll tel lher I love dogs, too! That’s something we have in common to talk about.

I used to be more shy, but now, when I really like someone, I speak up. I’m definitely single, but if I like a girl, I’ll make sure she knows it.’ NOTE: This interview is from a few months ago!

I take longer showers but then my hair only takes about ten minutes. I just get out of the shower, shake it with a towel and then I blow dry it. After I blow dry it, I put a hat on which compresses it down, then I take the hate off after five or ten minutes. I wear a lot of different colognes, like Hollister or Gucci or Polo.’


  • tanyaaa

    I’m sorry, but he is sooo stupid :,)

  • cerenagee

    Uhm. That’s really not a move ha. That’s called a typical conversation haha

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    He’s hot/cute.

  • Austin_Mahomie
  • JUG

    Other than hair color, is there any material difference between
    Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson, both of whom are modeled after Justin Bieber?

    • HaylorToU

      Austin is way hotter and both Cody and Austin towers over JB. No way they are modeled after short Bieber.

  • amensatan

    he has face of an angel, and body of a devil

    • Cici


    • HaylorToU


  • Cici

    Lol I call that just having a conversation…but believe it or not I know of a lot of guys who call that their first move. Lame.

  • HaylorToU

    His body is amazing. I hope he will not make pointless tattoos on his sculpted abs in the future.

  • laura

    How about you just drop some 100 dollar bills on the floor: that’s what I call a flirt move.

  • anna

    he seems like he spends a little too much time getting ready…

    • meh…

      If it makes him look good, dun see how it should be a bad thing. Better than spending too much time taking drugs

  • Queen Amanda Bynes
  • thesestrangelittlethings

    So I was reading the caption super quickly and read, “He uses his crotch to catch attention.”