Joe Jonas Stalker Photo Of Emily Osment

joe-jonas-stalkerthebigcitylifelaemily-joe+ Joe out and about via thebigcitylifela.


  • part

    why he stalking her what he doesn’t talk to her? or what the heck joe? don’t feel famous enough now to go up to her?

    • Me

      You don’t get it. This is a joke with them. They’re always running into each other and have been joking about it on Twitter for a while.

  • boystan

    i’m back tbh i went to didneyland yesterday


      you went in the rain!?

      • boystan

        wtf it rained?

    • AA

      Did you mean Disneyland ?

      • boystan

        nah i meant didneyland

        • AA

          hahaha ok

  • KK

    haha amazing joe jonas is so funny

  • me

    aren’t they friends?

    • ty

      yes they are

    • JoeJonasTroops

      have you watched jonas la? emily appears on one of the episdoes.

  • Jobros

    Reminise on memories, cos we’re gone…

  • jess

    OU, they are flirting via twitter.. I SHIP JOE AND EMILY… JEMILY sounds CUTE

    • anon

      Sadly we’re still stuck with Blanda. :/


      wonder if they ever hooked up during disney days?

      • lau

        Remember when Joe wrote about hooking up in a car with a disney star? Maybe it was Emily, who knows? :O I ship them too btw

        • JoeJonasTroops

          really? i guessed it was brenda song since there were rumores circulating at that time about them dating, or adrienne bailon

  • Alii

    Lmfao wtf

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Lol cute.