Little Person Hollis Jane Slams Miley

Little person Hollis Jane who danced backup for Miley Ray Cyrusm during the VMAs and complained because she felt ‘degraded’ speaks about Miley again. Miley should be praised for including all shapes and sizes in her show! Miley: ‘It’s really funny how serious people take it. And they’re like, you’re racist. And I’m like, ‘Really?’ We’re like a bunch of kids dancing around in, like, bears, but we don’t do choreography.

They’re just like dancing, doing these cute moves and they’re awesome dancers like just on their own. It’s not me telling them how to be.’ As for exploitation claims: ‘No, because we’re making them feel sexual and beautiful. We’re all about lifting her up and making her feel so sexy all the time, and having her dancem she’s actually an awesome dancer.’

Hollis: ‘Little people need to stop being seen, in my opinion, in the media as jokes.’ Miley on watching her favorite movie 1990’s Days of Thunder starring Tom Cruise and ex-wife Nicole Kidman: ‘I watched it three nights in a row” she confessed of the racing flick, which introduced the couple to one another.

I want to be Nicole Kidman so bad, slash I’m kind of obsessed and kind of want to , I don’t know if I want to be Nicole Kidman or if I want to be Tom Cruise, because his outfits are better.’
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  • cerenagee

    Let’s be real here. She didn’t need to perform if she felt bad about it. At the actual concert she’s not doing anything imo that is degrading to the black women or the midgets in her show.

    At the same time I can understand where she’s coming from. She’s not a prop.

    As for the pissed off parents – that’s their own fault. Hello, pay the fuck attention to the media. There’s no way any younger girls should have been there and that’s the parents’ fault for taking their little girls there.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    No, girl, you’re not going to get hired for TLC’s Little People reality show.

    Stop trying.

    • cerenagee

      Really though. She knew what costume she was going to wear. She didn’t have to fucking perform.

  • demi

    anybody think she trying to get famous by using miley? I mean since she didn’t have the chance Britney the other little person had to dance up front and stage with miley she jelouse she not out there with miley,, but behind a custome instead of in the front like the other girl, she just jelouse and want to cause controversy to gain fame, so people will hired her, but is so obvious, she seem like a backtabber who want to hired someone who will talk bad about you after you gave them a job no one will hired you to do. she needs to come to turn that she is little and there is not a lot of jobs in the acting department for little people and she needs to deal with it, mother nature was not as nice, I know not everyone has the high they want or the looks they want, you cant make people like you force, sorry but what she doing is wrong. At least praise miley that she giving job to little people when no one is doing that! why don’t you say that instead.

  • Lea

    Seriously, you all need to stop treating Miley like she is God’s gift. She is far from it. She does not need to be “praised”. She looks fucking classless.

    • dede

      she giving job to people nobody looks at to hired, the truth is hard, but do you see the Jonas, demi,selena hiring this type of people? NO, miley took the iniciative to see if other artist will start to give this type of people a chance, miey has little people, huge , tall people, gay, travesty,people,black,white, Asian ,hispanic all type, giving a chance for each one of them. some of this people don’t get hired for things like this, so when you see another artist making this let me know specially miley age who is trying to make a difference, you want to focus on a few performance tricks to make people talk do so, but the talent is there, the idea is implemented, and the concept is install which make miley the smartest business women from the 3 girl that came out of Disney. you might not agree but her method is working and to be honest miley could had gone all goody, goody and still be huge because of her talent, she already went that road of goody too shoes in her first concert and it sold out too bad that didn’t work out for selena as well, I guess she was not as good as miley pulling the goody to shoe good role.

  • laura

    It’s been 6 months since the VMAs took place: stop asking for attention –‘ just ridiculous.

  • malishesm

    First of all, Miley didn’t force anyone to perform with her, they all probably got paid.
    Secondly, to all the paranoid parents out there, seriously? What, did you think she’ll come out in a Barney suit singing I love you you love me we’re a happy family?

  • Rah

    Since when is dancing with black people cultural appropriation? I’m sure that if Miley only danced with pretty, white professional dancers she’d get criticized for not being inclusive.

  • Common sense

    Honestly the only reason I think she even has those African American big booty dancers and the little people is to be “different” and cause a scene and be like “look at me, u don’t see everyone doing this” she’s said it a million times ; she looks to shock people and have people talk about it. She said there is no such thing as bad press. Meaning even if they talk bad or good about her she doesn’t care because she’s getting attention.

    The mothers should deff have known what coverts they are taking their child to, so idk why they’re complaining. I guess they expected the “old miley” to be there.

    • Common sense


    • minymax

      you know what miley is not the one who spoke about her dancer it was that little person who critized miley for putting her on a custome, but miley also put the other Britney girl in front with her dancing, I guess she wanted to take Britney spot next to miley and since she didn’t get she trying to get the attention the other way. Miley didn’t bring attention to the people she hiring someone else did, what miley did do is give jobs to the type of people who usually don’t get hired because of their height or because of how they look, or by their color, miley didn’t start that controversy the ungrateful miget did instead of saying thank you because at least you hired me when no one would, and from what I see you are the type to critized miley for everything that why miley says what she says in the sense that no matter what she does she can never please everyone because someone always have stick up their ass, that what she means when she says bad press or good press is good because at the end of the day they will have a say weather she does thing good, they will always turn it into something bad for example this. they should had praise her for giving jobs to these people yet they are going by one person who is jelouse the other girl got more attention than she did and her face was not showing because of the custome.

      • Common sense

        U have a lot of great points; but by her being an artist and exploiting them onstage she is bringing Attention to it! I never said she spoke about it I mean she’s trying so hard to be different and have ppl talk about her. She has SAID IT MANY TIMES. That that is what she looks for when performing .

    • Marina And My Diamonds


  • Soshi

    For everyone who can’t watch it with the msnbc player and would rather see it on yt

  • Sam

    Did someone really say Miley has “talent”? Pardon me as I laugh.

  • Common sense

    Lmfaooo thankyou I loveee it sweety ;)

  • Common sense

    I never said she only has black dancers. Sweety I went to her bangersz concert in la so I think I fucking know. She’s a great performer, but in my OPINION and she has SAID IT MANY TIMES IN CASE YALL Cnt read . She loves getting attention and looking for something new to do. I’m sure she wanted to have a different kind if show with different props and even people. So she decided to do that, yes she’s giving jobs to the little people and that’s great but don’t tell me that’s what an artists looks to do! They put their career first! And that’s what she did when she decided to have them perform for her. Her main thing was to be DIFFERENT. I see why a lot of ppl here argue so much. U guys need to learn to accept others opinions. It’s a fucking celebrity gossip site. It’s not that serious!

  • Common sense

    I never said its a bad thing. But at the vmas she was slapping the African American dancers ass. Why couldn’t she do it to a white female? There are many white females who have big booths if u didn’t know. Google them I’m sure you’ll find them.

  • Common sense

    I swear ur fucking illiterate . U need to go read a book and learn to understand shit! Have a great day urself I know I will ;)

  • Common sense

    Lmfaooo. Good one. Bye sweety

  • Common sense

    Oh god back again? So soon? I thought u said have a great day a while ago?