Nick & Joe Jonas Movie Date + Kevin

joick-datejoick-date (3)joick-date (2)Joick at a movie together last night. Via thekrispyish21. + Kevin Jonas gambling and drinking with John Hamm @ Artists Of Peace event + Olivia & Danielle’s Instagrams..

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  • Michelleg3323

    Joe’s like a fine wine, just getting better with age. Is it just me or does he look a lot better than Nick?

  • ty

    wow they are gorgeous

  • Anon

    If Olivia is 5’4 and she’s taller than Nick in heels like 3 or 2 inches then Nick is like 5’6 not 5’9 as claimed. Joe is like 5’4 and Kevin is 5’7

    • gnhmm


    • Anon

      Who gives a shit about that BITCH?? Olivia is a famewhore!

  • anon

    It’s hard being beautiful…

    • gngn

      wow he is sooooo beautiful and sexy

  • anon
  • anon

    how did i end up watching a 1000 pound bench press?

  • JoeJonasTroops

    Nothing is more adorable than joick not nolivia not jlanda who agrees?

  • Y2

    Bro hanging is always the best way to see these two. The constant girlfriend promo just draws attention to the fact that their careers are in limbo.=. Demi Lovato is a great example of how to keep the focus on your career vs. your private life. Whatever relationship she has with Wilmer is very unadvertised and that makes it seem more genuine if you ask me. In the world of Hollywood, any relationship under 2 years old can’t be taken seriously, anyway,so why not just keep it somewhat private till you make sure it’s gonna last.

    • XaskTaylorX

      And Demi and wilmer have been going out for almost that amount of time right? Pretty good I guess!