Selena Demi Declared World Visionaries

selena-proudselena-demi-world-visionariesprudSelena Gomez & Demi Lovato‘s goodness and beauty has illuminated the world. Selena was bestowed the Young Visionary Award at unite4:humanity Gala and Demetria was bequeathed the Young Luminary Award. VIDEOS under!

Selena to William H. Macy: I’m thankful for you. You inspire me everyday. I hope together we can inspire people to focus on what’s really important.’ Macy: ‘Selena has maturity and grace, she’s been working for UNICEF for almost five years, which is epic time in teeange years. She’s raised a lot of money and awareness. Selena is the real deal.’

Demi on Africa: ‘I was struggling a lot with personal issues. I had to celebrate differently than a lot of other people. It was better than poisoning myself for a good night out.’ Selena: ‘Everyone handles things differently, and I just think I’m super fortunate to be where I am.’

Ultimately the goal is to use what I have. I have a platform and I’m very, very blessed to do what I love to do every day. The first step is using your voice. I want to be able to influence people my age, younger, older. I want to educate people.

NOTE: Selena MAY have been staying with Niall while in Colorado last week!

We encourage people to understand that we’re not just in this tiny bubble. There’s a lot of other things going on in the world. It just kind of put things in perspective and hopefully we’ll be able to change that.

They have a different way of viewing life, and it just kind of takes you to this whole other place and makes you step back and look at your life. It’s just the greatest feeling.’


  • anonymous

    why would you fawn over clinton when he cheated on his wife with a secretary hoe? oh yeah because she cares more about fame

  • Alii

    Cutest picture. <3

  • Guest

    I wonder how much coke they snorted after the show

  • Guest

    Even though Selena is smaller I bet she out snorts Demi.That’s probably how she’s stays so thin eating all that junk food.

  • Ridetheocean

    such sweet beautiful girls,Love them Both!!! The only two true disney princesses ;) <3 I Love their friendship!!!!!!! DELENA <3

  • rwoi

    Selena thanking Demi made me so emotional
    Fuck Diley we were all missing Delena anyway

  • guest

    For someone who claims to be best friends with Demi she sure doesn’t seem happy to be taking a picture with her.

    • Guest

      I don’t think it’s Demi.Selena has been looking sad in most pictures lately.

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  • cerenagee

    I seriously adore the two of them. I’m glad sel has such a rock do support in Demi.

  • Mellz89

    Lol it’s soo funny that haters (mostly to makes miley looks good ) calling selena and demi a whore for winning these awesome awards while miley orgasm on stage. Lol who is the real whore now?

  • Queen Amanda Bynes


  • Mellz89

    You guys haters Calling them fame whore isnt gonna makes miley looks better tho.
    they both won these awesome awards while
    miley orgasm on stage every night lol
    who is the real whore now.
    So stupid.

    • demo

      why are you bringing miley up? and to be honest selena started showing her face for unicef at 17, miley has been doing charites since she was way younger than selena and demi. I guess acting like a hypocrite to the media and people while you snort and to drug and alcohol and acting like a hypocrite to everyone works. selena and demi following people pays off, because miley is honest and has been doing a lot more good than this too, don’t get an award because she honest about what she does and is not a hypocrite. WE ALL KNOW MILEY HAS DONE A LOT MORE GOOD THAN SELENA AND DEMI PUT TOGETHER AND A LOT MORE GOOD DEEDS BUT SHE IS NO HYPOCRITE LIKE THIS TWO.

      • Mellz89

        Ur comment makes me laugh,please tell me what exacly miley has done better than these two???? Besides licking a hammer?
        And touching her vigana in front of your computer screen???
        And if you are a such a hardcore miley fan

        • Mellz89

          Her * vagina* lol gosh i type like miley

          • Alii


        • demi

          what has miley done lot more than both of them, miley has a foundation or cancer patent because her papi die of that, she has giving million and in her concerts she has raise money for it by giving a dollar for every ticket sold, she goes to hospitals without any cameras and spend time with the sick people and sing to them, and she makes sure she goes on Christmas, she has a backpack and work on handing food for children who have no food in their home over the weekend, she has gone to haity to put heading aids to kids who can hear, she has been the most girl who has seen children from the make a wish foundation and granted them their wishes more than anyone on Disney, she doesn’t only raise money, but she does the work herself.
          what has selena done she work on unifec she started at 17 because Disney lost aly and aj because they stop working for Disney and miley left Disney so they ask selena because she work for Disney, they made her do it, and we don’t even hear from selena until is Halloween that she start to promoted, all she does is plaster her face and ask for money, plus it looks good on her resuma and she get promotion. why don’t she goes quiently like miley no, selena does everything to gain fame, everything is promoting for her even In charity if you call charity plastering yourself and model. how about doing the work like miley and quietly , miley dedicated herself entired year just to do charity, selena will never do that she will disappear.
          so let miley lick the hammer and touch her vagina because at the end of the day, she raising a lot more money than selena, and she help out and give more than selena! I will support someone like miley becacuse I see she a nice girl, because selena dress nice doesn’t make her better, while selena is thinking what she going to wear miley is helping people and looking casual. so yes LET MILEY LEAK ANYTHING SHE WANT BECAUSE AT THE END OF THE DAY MILEY HAS A BETTER HEART, AND IS A BETTER PERSON.

          • Mellz89

            Really???seriously?? Hahahahaahahahahahahahhahaaaa…
            ur story makes me sick!


            What makes you so sure miley walking around hospital giving her love without media??? Well you admit that u know that?.
            And what makes you think demi n selena didnt do the same??
            Well…walking around giving love without media knowing???

            Miley is a better person you say? Do you know her personally? Have you even met miley?! Spend an hour talking to her?

            My point is. Why can people just admitting that MAYBE demi miley n selena they are just a nice people who cares about others.
            They help. Bigger or smaller. They help.

            Why cant you people stop trashing and judging every single good thing they have done without any motiv.

            Jesus. What are you, you have 6 senses or something. Lol

    • thecat61

      Miley already received a Humanitarian Award a few years back for her charity work.

      And by the way, why do you feel the need to mention Miley anyways?

      • wow.

        don’t compare old miley to new miley. old miley was compassionate towards others and did things from the goodness in her heart whereas now she’s more obsessed with shoving her fist in her manky vagina on stage.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I honestly think these two care so I’m happy for them.

  • Bella

    What is Selena’s problem anyway? Justin Bieber is not worth all those sadness and depression. Jesus, no guy is worth that.

    • demi

      SHE sad because selena no longer has Justin drug supply as we can see, all that smiling and laughthing months ago, it was that she was high on drugs and alcohol, no wonder she was always laughting. she seemed to have very low self esteem by the way she talks, always saying other people deserve thing and not her, I mean is true but she shouldn’t be saying that, like at the concert that shes said better people are coming to sing, and now she says this here, she sound really down.those are not role model quality.
      I always found selena lazy to be honest, I mean she had years to take advantage of Disney and ask them to give her guitar lesson, piano lesson, teach her how to write songs, dance, stage presence, singing lesson and she didn’t take advantage of it. Disney provides this if you ask and the people you get learn from them, or how to produce etc, her day off she likes to be lazy she says she young and has energy.she should .

    • anon

      In my opinion her problem is not just Justin, it is primarily her transition for the adulthood. She knows it is time for her to make decisions on her career and future and she always had people doing it for her but now she knows that those people’s decisions are not working very well in this moment and she has to take her career on her hands but she has no idea about what she has to do.

  • Kylie

    They both deserve it!

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  • boystan


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    I’m ashamed to have the same name as you.

  • Aly

    fuck you instead

  • thecat61

    You’re a poor excuse for a human being.