Miley Bangerz Tour ‘Underperforming’

miley-cyrus-bangerz-stars (1)miley-tour-underperformingMiley Cyrus‘ Bangerz tour of 15-20k-capacity basketball arenas is underperforming, and critics place the blame on venue size and high ticket prices, reports Hit Daily Double. Miley’s attorney Bill Sobel and her longtime agent Jeff Frasco at CAA are responsible for the overreaching (e.g., three dates in the New York area), despite the protestations of Larry Rudolph.

Their grand ambitions are understandable given that TEA sales on her RCA album have passed 1.7m, putting Miley in the thick of the diva competition with Beyoncé, labelmate P!nk and Rihanna, if not yet in Katy territory.

UPDATED with pix of Miley and her prom date Matt Peterson!

  • cerenagee

    this isn’t surprising to me because of the fact that a lot of her fans are still very young or not as open minded to her new attitude. tbh I wasn’t at first – obvi. i had a fucking blast though. she deff converted me so props to her if she can continue doing that and converting haters into stans.


      yah she’s still transitioning she has so much time to evolve and create a bigger fanbase.

      • cerenagee

        totally agree

      • thecat61

        Exactly. So tired of people comparing her to Beyonce, Taylor, blah blah blah. She’s just starting out as a new artist. Obviously whatever she’s doing now seems to be working out for her. She has time to grow, she’s young.

  • javi g

    in my opinion no disrespect to miley fans but i think beyonce and pink have the better shows. miley’s stuff is not for every one.



  • Alii

    I thought Rihanna would at least be above Pink.


      miss you!

    • Godney

      Rihanna is not a big album seller… more like a single seller.

  • kat

    Lol and queen Tay has past 4 million in the US alone for her album.



    • HolyGround

      Lol so true. Taytay sold 1.7 million within like the first two weeks of release. What a queennn

      Her tour doesn’t seem like its underperforming? The seats usually look filled for the most part.

  • King

    So because it isn’t do as well as Beyoncé…it’s a flop?? …Do children run this site?


      it said she’ underperforming not flopping. bieber is flopping

      • anna

        bieber is not flopping. and yes children run this site but it is what it is…


    it really seems to just have to do with ticket prices if your just a general pop music fan you’ll go to the concert with cheapest prices.

  • A

    the only thing she does is running naked around on the stage and looking like a whore/boy/i dont even know how to call it
    how can people wanna watch that oh my god

    • thecat61

      She’s not running around naked on stage you dumbass, grow up. And apparently the people who have gone to see her show loved it. So, obviously you’re not going to see her so don’t judge it.

  • guest

    What an odd story when Billboard shows the show at LAs Staples Center as officially sold out and unofficial word is that at least three other shows were sold out as well. That makes four of her first seven shows as sellouts. I bet other shows would like to be underperforming like that as well. The ticket prices listed by Billboard were in the $90.00 range, which are similar to most shows. So I don’t know where the Hit Daily Double is sourcing its information, but they might want to reexamine it.

    • thecat61

      LA sold out, Arizona sold out and Vegas sold out. Her one show at Staples drew in over $1mil.

  • smb

    Good numbers considering everyone under the sun has tried to stop this concert from happening in the first place by attacking it, publishing embellished or false information, protest, and smear campaign. But Miley and her fans have come through. I doubt that anyone on Miley’s team ever expected to be the number one draw this year, but to just be in the game. Seems to be she succeeded. I doubt all the people on this site or elsewhere who are criticizing her have even been to the concert to see for themselves. That’s kind of like saying you don’t like a particular kind of car even though you’ve never driven or been in one.

  • boystan

    gaga’s tour is doing better than miley how come is she not on the chart or w/e?

    • guest

      I don’t know about the Diva TEA stuff in the above article, but if you want concert stats go to the site and go to the charts tab and look for billboard boxscore. They report all stats that are given to them. It is updated weekly. Not all concerts or shows are reported to them, but most are. It is where I look.

      • guest

        An added note. It is commonly the concert venue (the Staples Center for example) or venue corporation (if there is more than one such as a chain of small clubs) that provides this information, not the artist.

  • demo

    well she above pink and rihanna and coming in close to beyonce, but miley is only 21 competing with people who has been in the business all this time. miley took off for a while while changing companies and doing charity.


    lupita won best supporting actress at independent spirit awards!

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Next up the oscars :)



  • nina

    i would never go to her concert with her current phase she is going through but the concert is still making more than any of us would do in 30 years