Selena Gomez Behaving Badly Trailer

Behaving Badly starring Selena Gomez and Nat Wolff: ‘Rick Stevens is willing to do whatever it takes to try and win the heart of Nina Pennington. Even if this means dealing with a mobster’s son, a group of strippers,

His best friend’s horny mother, drug abusing boss, a perverted principal, a priest with a secret, his suicidal mother, and a patron saint who dispenses cryptic advice. No one ever said love was easy.

‘What is going on here you slutty slutty bitch’.


  • lily

    sucky movie and sucky acting, another movie down the drain congrats on your “great” career gomez

    • Ricardo

      I think she doesn’t care about what people say, I mean she acted on Rudderless for free and she just do what she wants to do.. let her do it.

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    thought the guy was david henrie

  • Lily

    She really doesn’t have the acting chops to handle diverse movie roles. I think she’d probably do pretty well doing a sitcom where she can really learn and adapt to a single character, like when she played Alex.

    • anon

      Idk, I watched WOWP The Movie and Alex vs. Alex yesterday and I noticed that her performance got worse in Alex vs. Alex. I think she lost the focus. She did a good job on Ramona & Beezus too. I think she should take a time off, take some acting classes, maybe going to a acting college and try again in some years.

  • Ricardo

    I think this movie will flop but to be honest the trailer looks fun LOL



    • Angie.

      Lmao you sound like a dumb 12 year old selenator. Bieber boosted her career, better thank him

      • Alice

        Yet his career… Not so much ,thank you. Bye.

      • alex

        ungrateful selenator, why are you acting lik he didn’t help her out? WE ALL KNOW HE DID! proof one she no where now, because thanks that Bieber is in trouble because of her little games of break up, he turn to drugs because of her, well she help, the only year selena was huge was when she was dating Bieber and miley stop working now miley is back and nobody cares about selena without Bieber.


    so funny can’t wait to see it! <3

  • damnthesecelebs

    Is this a straight-to-dvd movie? Looks kindda bad to be honest, judging from the trailer.

    • thesestrangelittlethings

      I was literally thinking the same thing.

    • anon

      I think it is straight-to-dvd because it is coming in the UK first.

    • guest

      This movie looks horrible.Probably is going straight to DVD.She’s entered the world of straight to DVD actresses

  • bad

    slutyy slutty biiitch
    bahaha soo good

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    I probably wouldn’t even watch this for Selena. It definitely doesn’t look good IMO.

  • hmmmm

    is not even the real trailer the actor just confirmed it

  • Jen

    This looks awful. She can do better

  • demi

    I think the only character she was good at was alex but so far she has sucked in everything else.

    • johnny

      honestly every other character she played had little to no personality, and were only counting lines. Spring Breakers and maybe Rudderless are the only roles she really should have done post Disney.

      • getlikemiley

        Exactly what i was thinking. I’m not sure if she goes for the boring roles or if that’s just how she plays them but, every character she plays has no personality. She needs to loosen up a bit.

  • MollyBD

    She hasn’t done anything good acting wise since Wizards. Someone is picking the wrong roles for her.

    • anon

      Nah, her acting regressed. I watched a lot her things yesterday and I realized that. For example Another Cinderela Story and Princess Protection Program had shitty scripts but her acting was convincing there.
      She deserved the Razzie nom for the Getaway’s performance, sorry no sorry

      • sharis

        she not as good as her make her to be she has done more than one big scream movie and she has not been believable, her baby face probably has to do with that, the only thing I thought she was good at was wizard and I think is because she felt comfortable enouhgt in her own environment and she was basically playing who she really is as oppose to these other characters that she has to step out of her comfort role, she has not be able to pull it out.
        I think she will be good in sick coms doing show were she plays a character like wizards, sarcastically funny person that the only paper she call pull off.
        to be honest she looks exaggerated on this trailer like not a good actress.

  • johnny

    She is a good character actress. She would do well on TV. Mainstream Movies lack good characters in general. She should audition for tv pilots ,not movies.

  • javi g

    wow so many movie and acting critics in this website today. the movie hassent come out yet geniuses. is there a school for stupid movie critics?

    • anon

      Thanks for sharing.

    • demi

      They are giving opinion base on the trailer, do they have to explain that to you? why do selena fans always act so damn stupid all the time, that people have to go into details. tham talk about dumb
      they are here to talk about how the movie looks base on the trailer, clear enough for you godddddddddddd!

  • Cici

    hahahha This looks so good & funny! I’m definitely going to be seeing this.

  • cerenagee

    This looks kind of funny to me. Its either going to be a flop or hit. Prob a flop. It looks like its jocking american pie kind of. Still looks funny

  • XaskTaylorX

    What the hell is she thinking?!? Seems like something from fan stories I read a few years ago on YouTube. Way to be oringinal on that one!

  • autumnshine

    What the FUCK.

  • Some Dude

    That’s Nat Wolff from the Naked Brothers Band, isn’t it? I feel so damn old now.

    • a

      i was thinking the same thing..

  • thecat61

    WTF did I just watch? Lame, smh!

  • Sellyismygirlcrush

    So.. when is it going to be on netflix?

  • justthat

    actually it looks good to me, but it’s not because of Selena, she still has a good girl image in this, right!?

  • guest

    Add another movie bomb to her resume

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    A coming of age/right of passage type of movie. I don’t see how any of you can see this movie as a flop when it hasn’t came out yet. I plan to see it.

  • demo

    I think she was really good in wizard, but to be honest I haven’t seen her do as well in other stuff, I wish she will do more acting like wizard type of character that surely fits her, sassy, sarcastic, character those are the one she comfortable with and it works with her face. she master that, but in the other ones she really needs to work on them. she needs to work with her face, she cannot take bad ass roles because she don’t have the face for it, she has a pretty face so she has to pick character that are sassy mean, sarcastic goody two face those work for her. I think she can do magical movies. or she should put a show like charmed she will be good in something like that.

  • Alz

    You know, i really like Selena, but for some reason, i just can’t take her seriously in movies like this. I see one part of the movie and i’m like “this is going to be bad ass”, then she comes out and i’m just like “wizards of waverly place?”

  • Common sense

    Guys don’t be so harsh. She’s a great actress. U can tell in a lot if the scenes that she does. She probably just likes the concept of the movie and that’s why she decided to do this. Her career is fine, she’s taking a lot of roles and gaining experience . In Hollywood that’s what counts. No big producer is going to hire u if u don’t have experience and people backing you up. She’s on a great track.

    • laura

      Nah, she is a good enough actress for Disney or for movies like this, you know, worthless American movies that 12 year olds find hilarious. But she’ll never be good enough for more serious films (big difference between movies and films imo). Von Trier, Scorsese or Tarantino would never want her in their films because she just doesn’t have the talent. But if it makes you feel any better, she is not the only one in Hollywood who’ll never be good enough to do films like that. She has a good career, her fanbase adores her so I guess that’s what is important. But don’t say that she’s a great actress because that’s just bullshit.

      • Common sense

        Okay I’ll give u the benefit of the doubt here, let’s say she is a shitty actress. U haven’t seen huge producers hire shittty actresses just so they can pump their movie up?…. Exactly. Listen sweety I honestly give 2 shits about ur opinion. U don’t think she’s a great actress great. But I don’t remember asking u for ur worthless opinion..Cause guess what she’s still getting hired and paid. :) while ur on ur computer complaining about what a shitty actress she is. WOW. life must really suck for you:)

      • Common sense

        Ok let me give u the benefit of the doubt here. Let’s say Selena is in reality a shitty actress . U really haven’t seen any famous Hollywood producer hire shitty actresses just to pump their movie up? If you haven’t then u haven’t seen enough movies. And honestly I think she is a great actress and she is still young and can evolve more. So u can sit down with your worthless opinion. Cause guess what while ur on ur computer complaining about her she’s out there acting and getting paid:) so yeah I’m pretty sure she gives 2 shits about what ppl like u think about her acting. Get out of your computer and stop insulting successful artists. Go read a book watch some movies with shitty actresses. WOW LIFE REALLY SUCKS for u doesn’t it :(

        • laura

          You’ve just proven my point: great directors indeed don’t hire mediocre (you were the one who said shitty, not me) actresses. That’s why she is in movies like this and she does good in these kinds of movies because it’s on her level of acting. I strongly suggest that you learn to read.
          Seriously, you can’t tell someone to go off their computer if you’re on your computer yourself, just makes you look dumb. And for your information, I read plenty of books and enjoy watching great films instead of the bullshit you probably watch. You are 14 or something, aren’t you? Because if you weren’t, you’d actually know the difference between a great film and a shitty movie. I pity you, really, if someone’s life must suck, it’s probably yours. You watch movies like this while there’s so many amazing films out there that will enrich your mind. Also, quite sad you have to reply to me twice and that both the messages are equally as stupid. WOW.

          • Common sense

            I didn’t even bother to finish reading ur comment to me because u are so irrelevant. I honestly could care less what u have to say. U must be 10 because u can’t see others opinions, only your own. U need to learn sweety. Anyway you can say w.e u want but she is still getting paid and getting hired while you are in your computer complaining To me. Lmao. Have a great and productive day!

          • laura

            You’re just as irrelevant as me, deal with it.
            See, with the last comment, I thought you were about 14 but this reply makes you look even younger, idk maybe 12. So don’t call me sweetie: I am definitely older than you.
            I’m not complaining about anything, just saying she’s a mediocre (almost bleh) actress and not a great actress like you claim she is. If anything, you’re the one complaining to me.
            And thank you, I indeed had a great and productive day at uni.

          • Common sense

            Dude your so fucking pathetic get over it. I wasn’t even thinking about this shit. And here u go again replying. U don’t have a job? Go to school? Apparently not. It’s too early for this shit. Sit the fuck down. Again, I’m not reading ur shit but I keep getting an email that u keep replying. U need to let it go and go do something with ur life. Lmao Selena Gomez nor I care about what YOU have to say… Lmfao.

  • Dara

    I don’t know. I think people only want to hire Selena for their movies because of her status, not her acting chops

  • Redneckatheart

    I think I might watch this just for the awkwardness lol. And Heather Graham and Mary Louise-Parker lol.

  • Eva

    its a silly-fun movie. It is not supposed to change your lives. It was her just doing jobs when she had just left Disney… I am definitely going to watch it. Her and Natt Wolf are like the worst awkward couple ever so that will be funny to watch…