Lesbian Cara Delevingne With Girlfriend

Cara Delevigne & Michelle Rodriguez Lunch In Paris‘Lesbian’ Cara Delevingne out with her girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez at L’Avenue restaurant in Paris, France on March 2, 2014. Do YOU think Cara is really a lesbian or faking it for publicity like Miley? Photos: FameFlynet.


  • FK

    Oh OceanFLOP trying to get views by putting the word “lesbian” in the title just to get people riled up.

  • Redneckatheart

    She’s at that age where they like to try things out and Michele is hot so good for her.

  • bridget

    Oceanup I feel like I should inform you that there’s this thing called ‘bisexuality’. I know the media tries to act like bisexuals are invisible mythical creatures like unicorns, but there are actually some people who are genuinely attracted to both sexes. You don’t have to jump all the way from straight to gay. See: Amber Heard, Tom Daley, Evan Rachel Wood,etc.

  • MrsJoeJonas

    Maybe Bisexual like me??

  • Alexandra

    Why do you feel the need to write ‘lesbian’… Why can’t you just write “Cara Delphine and her girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez”

    It’s not like you write “‘ straight ‘ Nick Jonas with girlfriend Olivia ” when talking about a strait couple…

  • Alexandra

    My bad… Auto correct… DELEVINGNE**