Selena Gomez & Zoey ‘Funky Town’

selena-gomez-zooeyselena-zooeySelena Gomez and Zoey Deschanel ‘Funky Town’ Instagram. Drinking again?!

NOTE: Selena did NOT win Worst Actress at The Razzies for Getaway!

  • alex

    omg she drunk again? showing her breast that how miley stared with the same white suit, with no shirt inside, once again selena trying something miley did months later.

    • Sellyismygirlcrush

      Oh wow she drinks on the weekend and wears sort of revealing clothing. Damn guess I need to go to rehab to then smh

    • aleisandra oliveira

      she went to rehab for emotional problems. not for reasons of drugs or drink your stupid

    • javi g

      again with if miley do this selena is copying it. if miley smokes pot selena does it too?. if miley take two fingers to masturbate selena is also copying her? so if selena have sex with billy ray cyrus does she’s copying miley too?

      • demi

        selena acts like kids when they are trying to defend the fact that selena does copy miley outfit all the time. your arguments are invalid because they sound childish.

        • javi g

          im childish? thats the only thing that comes out of your mouth that my comment is childish? wow i don’t know if i can revover from that .

    • .

      taylor swift wore the white suit before miley.
      miley copied taylor
      miley is a copycat
      (this is how stupid you sound)

    • xoxo
  • Guest

    I don’t think she’s ready to deal with her problems yet (i.e. the 2 week rehab stint) When she’s ready to get some help with her blatant problems, then hopefully she will.

  • aleisandra oliveira

    It does not have a drinking problem you idiot

  • aleisandra oliveira

    she is 21 years his stupid

  • Zaina777

    Zoelena <3

  • LALA

    All these girls hopping on the RiRi image. They think she just changed her image overnight. Selena is mediocre. Not a queen of anything these days. I remember in one of her interviews for that dumb car movie, she said “Why NOT?” as a response to people asking why she tries to do everything. You’re average at everything.

  • cerenagee

    Sel is so sexy

  • xoxo
  • roxanneXD