Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Oscar Party

selena-vanessa-33selena-vanessasamlenaVanessa Hudgens, Austin Butler, Colton Haynes, Sarah Hyland and Joe Jonas attended 22nd Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing/ After Party. Photos: WENN.

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    joe looks so freaking high!

    • Cici

      but sexy af

  • FuckHarry

    Idk Vanessa’s bf kinda looks like a asshole hope I’m wrong.

    • honesty

      He adores her. I can assure you that he is not an asshole.

      • Jes

        i don’t disagree with you on the fact he adores but you can’t deny he kinda has a asshole “look”

        • honesty


  • Common sense

    Wasn’t Taylor at the same event? I wonder why we haven’t seen pics of Taylor and Selena? I mean it’s been a while?… I hope they are still friends. Love them no matter what though

    • hunter

      she was at the vanity fair event

      • honesty

        They both were.

    • honesty

      I was wondering the same.


      it seems like they both went to both. either way taylor isn’t close with selena anymore because of bieber and rehab drama

      • javi g

        so instead of helping and be friends with selena she decides to unfriend her? thats very immature of miss swift. you should help your friends fight alcoholism or any addiction.

        • HolyGround

          Lol you don’t know what happened between them if they aren’t friends anymore, so no.

      • lmao

        We don’t know if she’s not close to her because of rehab or bieber. Both of them could’ve fought about something and we don’t know what it is. Either way, it seems like Selena’s friendships never last too long. Same thing happened between her and Demi. She reminds me a girl from my high school. She suddenly became best friends with a girl and suddenly was fighting with her and never looking at her face anymore for years. It was annoying and the problem was not on other people but on her.

        • lmao

          By the way, she’s obviously trying to make Taylor jealous stating that Vanessa is her only buddy party. People say Swift is immature, but Selena sometimes is even more. Always shading people through soft lines… Ridiculous.

          • eiwowo

            How so? Taylor was never Selena’s “party budy”. They used hang out at awards shows and their house but I never see they together in any party

          • cerenagee

            That’s not even a shade at all. You Selena haters are so set on trying to come up with bus about her to make her look bad. Its ridiculous

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            I will say as someone that likes Selena that she does hint at things. I think some people forget, she’s a girl and can play catty too even if she pretends she would never.

        • Thisislong

          Her friendships don’t last very long? She known Demi since she was 7, and they were like sisters for a decade before they had that big blowout, and it wasn’t normal circumstances, Demi was battling eating disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, self harm and a mental illness that is notorious for mood swings. They were 17, neither knew how to handle all that she was dealing with, and Selena herself was going through her own growing pains. Plus Demi was hanging with those druggy loser, fame hungry scene friends who hated Selena because she didn’t ‘party’ the way they did, and would bash her on twitter constantly. There were a lot of issues there, and the fact that Demi punched the backup dancer in the face, proved that she wasn’t behaving like herself. They were multiple issues swirling at the time. But now they’re back and are there for each other when it counts. IE: Selena was there when Demi was in rehab, Demi was there when Selena’s sister was born and announced the news on twitter. Selena was there when Demi was speaking to that recovery group. Demi was there when Selena went to rehab, and in the midst of the ‘Justin goes to jail’ drama. As for her and Taylor, well I can understand both sides. It’s no secret that Taylor and Justin don’t like each other, I believe they’ve both put that in lyrics. Neither like the effect that other one has on Selena, Justin says Taylor makes her pull away, and Taylor has vocalized that Justin makes Selena miserable, it’s not easy to be caught between some you ‘love’ and one of your best friends. I personally agree with Taylor in this instance. But what can you do? Some people were meant to stay in your life, some were meant to make an appearance…. That lasted five years. Some things last, some things don’t.

    • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

      Taylor ONLY hangs out with Grammy or Oscar winners. Sorry.

  • Cici

    Love both of them <3

  • XaskTaylorX

    They all look nice!
    One thing for Selena though… Taylor a little boring at parties? (From the text about Vanessa being the only party buddy). Baha.

  • kik

    Yaay, Vanessa and Selena, yaay! Sitting on the couch of the irrelevant people who were not invited to the actual Oscars ceremony, yay!

  • alex

    jaja miley makes everything big huge lol

  • cerenagee

    Sel actually looks really happy, its so nice (:

  • meh

    it kills me that she looks so happy with him T_T but also I’m happy that she’s happy