Dylan Sprouse To Jennette ‘It Happens’

jennette-mccurdy-naked-pictures (1)dylan-jennetteejennette-pixFormer child star/ naked photo taker Dylan Sprouse supports Jennette McCurdy’s sexy picture leak. Dylan famous showed his fully naked body in a series of selfies taken for undisclosed individuals. UPDATE: Jennette has spoken. Ex-boyfriend Andre leaked them!


  • laura
  • Cici

    haha great. I’m sure he doessss

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    It does.

  • Caitlyn D

    but it doesnt have to

  • rose.garden

    They should date. I think they’re perfect for each other

  • ..

    They should date. And no not just because of this twet, I’ve thought so for awhile. Either Jenette and Dylan, r Jennette and Cole. They a sort of have that same dry wit. But I could see her and Dylan hooking up, they have similar personalties, self deprecating , (humorously) , Jennette loves Back To the Future, Star War, Lord of the Rings, and comic books, Dylan loves Pokémon, Comic books, Art, and video games. They’re both incredibly intelligent, and quirky, Dylan would understand her schedule, and they would have fun together. And hell if anything, they could at least trust each other with their ‘sexy pics’.

  • lol

    i wonder how it feels to be dylan and only be relevant for your nudes that you keep bringing up over and over

    • guest

      Dylan and Cole don’t care about how relevant they are. They’ve retired from acting. He’s just making a joke! I follow Cole’s girlfriend on tumblr and they all live a very normal life in NYC, aside from the fact that they are rich and people know who they are.

  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    I ship it

  • Dara

    I wonder what Nickelodeon has to say about this.

    Also Jennette and Dylan would make a great couple :)

  • roxanneXD

    desperate for attention

  • cerenagee

    How immature and low of him to post these

    • guest

      He denied posting them.This whole thing is a publicity stunt from her.She wants anttention and the only time she has ever got mainstream attention is with him.

      Drummond is having a great NBA season and is on his way to being a 100 million dollar NBA star,he dosen’t have time to play these games with her.

      • cerenagee

        You don’t need to lecture me about NBA, I’m a big basketball fan. Clippernationn. Anyways, him having a great season doesn’t matter and just because he says he didn’t doesn’t matter either. Its a break up. People react badly to break ups. Doubt leaking the pictures had anything to do with staying relevant and everything to do with someone just wanting to hurt/embarrass her.

        • guest

          Drummond treated her like a queen the time they were together and hasn’t hasn’t spoken a word of her since their break up except to say he didnt leak any photos.

          She on the other hand came out of no where months later trying to embarrass the guy to bring attention to herself because he is the only way she gets attention.Drummonds future is bright and her career is almost over and she needs this to drag on to keep attention on herself.

          She is the liar.She said he was lame and wasnt in to him but she made out with him(probably more),wrote a long ass essay to the wall street journal about their relationship,made sure paps caught them out on dates holding hands, posted numerous pics of him on her instagram and posted pics of the gifts he sent her and pics of her wearing Piston gear.Shes now admitting she sent him half naked pics.Who does that for a guy they have no interest in ?

          P.S,Clippers suck.Laker wannabes

          • cerenagee

            You’ve made all very great points. I’m not a fan of her but I do know she is pretty irrelevant.

            As for your clipper comment – no. They are especially not laker wannabes. You’ve got that completely wrong. Same court and same city but the way both teams play the game is totally different. Lakers are a half court team and clippers are full court. The Lakers are a burn out team at this point. They fucked themselves last year. Last year they should have gotten some younger guys to train with the vets but no instead they signed on Nash who is another full court player that has no business being on a half court team. They didn’t even utlize him to his full potential last year. Then this year they fucked themselves again by getting pretty much all young guys. Can’t talk shit about the clippers picking up ex laker players either since they got nick young on their team this year. Don’t be a bitter laker fan hating on the rising la team babe as the lakers fade into irrelevancy. And if you are a pistons fan well then how can you really hate on the clippers when we had Chauncey for a little while too?

          • guest

            I was just joking about the Clippers CG :)

          • cerenagee

            Hahaha okay good I was like woah woah woah haha

  • Samantha

    If she was never that into Andre why would she send him them pics? Surely you would only send them sort of pictures to someone you love. I wouldn’t be surprised if she leaked them herself

    • anon

      Honestly, I was wondering that too.

    • guest

      She did leak them herself.

  • Laura

    It was also pretty low of her to tell people that she only dated him cause she felt bad for him. That’s a shitty thing to do, but he shouldn’t have leaked the pictures either.

  • Jen

    Im not saying she deserved that, but maybe she should have thought twice before publicly bashing her ex in the first place. Theyre both in the wrong

  • guest

    Drummond didn’t post those pictures JM is just whoring for attention

    • Anna

      Where is your proof? Seriously, just leave her alone. You don’t know her so stop acting like you do. I don’t know if Drummond posted those pics, but him saying on twitter that he didn’t doesn’t prove he didn’t do it. For one thing the fact that he said anything at all is suspicious to me, if he really had nothing to do with it he probably would have left it alone and said nothing.

      • guest

        He only replied because he was getting hounded on twitter about them.

        Instead of telling me to leave her alone you should tell JM to leave him alone.That relationship (and JM’s relevancy )was totally forgotten about until she started dissing in interviews and blaming him for pics she released herself.

        • Anna

          Because you know what went down in there relationship right? No you don’t, for all you know he could have been a complete ass to her. And you seriously think she released those pics herself? Wow, that is the stupidest accusation ever. You have no proof behind that, your just making up shit to make someone you don’t know look bad. I will never understand bashing Celebrities that you know nothing about, they are people too. People that do that disgust me. Get a life asshole.

  • onerandom

    somethings not adding up. these aren’t the kind of pics you send when you claim you “didn’t really like him” and only dated him “cue you felt bad”.

    i don’t get it.

    • guest

      Its really simple,she is a liar using him to get attention.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    dylan is so witty, he should have brought this kind of comedy to the suite life