Niall Horan Barbara Palvin 5SOS Show

niall-barbaraNiall Horan & Barbara Palvin at 5 Seconds Of Summer concert. Via @cosyniall.

UPDATE: Harry in LA w/ fans + Liam at Beyonce’s concert & Funky Buddha.

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  • OctobersVeryOwn

    I KNEW IT, LOL he’s always been so quiet about his relationships, I don’t blame him though it would only complicate things. Didn’t he recently go to dinner with Selena Gomez though? He went on a while ago about how beautiful she was. That’s confusing

    • kass

      No. His rep said they just run on each other

  • lol

    shes pretty. hope shes ready to feel the “wrath” of little girls pathetically sitting behind a computer who think they actually have a chance with him

  • ikeepempressedt

    his hair looks so nice.

  • Duckyhoward15


  • FuckHarry

    Narbara lives! I ship them so hard, but doesn’t she have a boyfriend?

    • kass

      No. He is her ex and she dmed a fan that they are just friends now

      • FuckHarry

        Yeah I won’t doubt if they are just friends Niall gets friend zoned a lot, either way they are cute lol

        • kass

          Barbara dmed a fan that her and her ex are just friends now, not Niall.

          • FuckHarry

            Oooooohhh lol

  • Nya

    She’s friends with the band so maybe they just run into eachother but THEY’RE SO CUTE TOGETHER

    • kass

      Their reps said Niall and Selena just ran on eachother, not Niall and Barbara. I think Niall and Barbara aren’t dating yet but they will

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    What’s the big deal? They’ve been on plenty of dates.

  • boystan

    omg liam at beyonce

  • boystan

    stan for the queen, babe