Jonas Brothers FAMILY THERAPY?

jonas-therapyJonas Brothers are reportedly in family therapy. Insider revealed to STAR: ‘They are seeing a therapist to mend what their rep called a ‘deep rift within the band.’ Joe thought he was a bigger star than his brothers, and all he wanted to do was party and be a rock star, while Nick wants a serious music career.

Kevin was caught in the middle. They were sick of each other, and angry too. Denise put her foot down and ordered her sons into therapy. They guys are trying; they’re finally realizing that they are brothers first, and that’s what really matters.’

  • Moon

    hahaha this is sooooo stupid to belive that and therapy? yeah right

  • roxanneXD

    they just need to get to real job in tv or music.
    stop being lazy guys

    • GentileJewel

      The job is more for you to Shut Up! Your fat mouth and more! Run your own life how about That!


    BULLSHIT! shut the f…k… up !

  • anon

    Nick has no chest

  • anna

    poor joe. he grew up in the wrong music generation. all he wants to do is party and be a rockstar. but he cant without being gossiped and bullied about because of social media and him, a celebrity “having” to be a role model to little kids. celebrities lives just aren’t the same anymore. today they now have to be perfect since theyre under a microscope in the public eye.

    • KK

      role model for little kids? joe jonas is a adult is not a kid please dont made up a crap because is came out to your brain and grow the fuck up

      • anna

        i didn’t say he wasn’t an adult. English isn’t your first language, is it?

        • KK

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        • ty

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          • bvgn

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          • Anna

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          • anna

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          • Ty

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          • 65756

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  • alex

    Boyyyyyy you know you need to hook up with miley, she the only one who always save the Jonas ass, all the other girl only use them, but miley is the only who puts them on the map.
    nick needs to make me some miley songs you know jajajaj.
    am just joking but the top part is true, you guys should had never gone against miley for some untalented person as selena, bad guys bad. karma
    anyway, they need to get their shit together because they are fading faster than frosting.and faster than selena,

    • GentileJewel


      • Ty

        Relax that person had mental problems that’s all

  • alex

    well, well everyone said miley was the one who was going to end up in therapy and rehab, so far selena rehab for alcohol and cocain and drugs abuse and Justin emotional issues. demi rehab biopolar drugs and everything in the book, now Jonas in thereapy, joe supposedly was on rehab too, so far everyone has been where theey said miley will be first and the girl still holding strong and all the hypocrites end up in therapy and rehab, that goes to show you, miley is the youngest and strongest and has come back on top, so I guess her parents are doing better than the other and they critized her parents, at least miley parents raise a strong indepeded,opinionated,smart, goal oriented lady with a strong self esteem that she don’t let haters get to her.

    • GentileJewel

      Oh! Laugh it off!

    • AA

      sorry but joe jonas never was in rehab because never had a problems

  • thecat61

    Hahaha! Star mag. strikes again. Gossip cop debunked this already.

  • GentileJewel

    You mean Nick and what crap!

  • CVB


  • emmy78

    honestly the jonas brothers probably put out this fake crap themselves because no one gives a shit anymore…no one talks about them except ocean up….

  • marie

    Joe is surrounded by toxic people, bad influence, starting with drug addicts/drug dealer Blanda and her friends. Sorry for his fans, but forget about Joe’s career while she is still around Joe. He’s talented but needs good people who help him in his career

    • AA

      Please joe jonas has never be in drugs and he never had friends who are drugs addicts he is not stupid to get along with people who got drugs you just talkin about Justin bieber around here and don’t made a shit again because sounds soooo fake

      • threelittlebirds

        he admitted he smoked weed with demi and miley…

        • AA

          yeah but that was long time ago and it was only weed thats all

          • threelittlebirds

            i was just saying because you said he never did drugs and had friends who did drugs, so i was correcting you.

          • AA

            yeah i know but joe jonas never has friends in drugs and by the way i never say that had friends with drugs. and correcting me ?in what ? i did not know that this web site has a teacher sorry but everyones make mistake even you so why go ahead and correcting others please

          • threelittlebirds

            i was correcting you on what you said about joe, because you made it seem like he’s never done anything bad. i was actually being nice and giving you correct information. i wasn’t even being rude about it.

  • Anon

    The whole Jonas family needs therapy lol!! Including Papa Jonas and Mama Jonas!

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    i don’t think it’s truth, i mean they barely see eachother

  • Kev

    I’m sorry but this is shit. This whole family, save for Kevin who clearly has his head on his shoulders despite his father, is obnoxious. Nick wanted to do his own thing. Nick and Joe both didn’t want anything to do with Kevin – still don’t. Joe is just down for whatever as long as he’s got money. None of them have been successful solo. Their father didn’t manage them correctly in their height of fame. And this is what’s left. Shambles and no future.

  • JoeJonasTroops

    this is the funniest and stupidest thing i’ve read…don’t beliveeverything you rad folks XD

  • JoeJonasTroops

    the ‘rift’ was never about the them personally anyways, it was about their music directions, once they realzed they couldn’t agree to one thing, they broke up the band for the sake of them being brothers. joe and nick always hang together…EVERYWHERE! joe and nick spoke about get togethers with kev when alena was born, there’s no blood, they’re best frieds aspecially joe and nick. and don’t you dare say that all joe wanted was to party, he was never a drug addict or that much of a hardcore partier, you clearly haven’t seen him work his ass off in fastlife!

  • PY

    Any body with eyes could see Nick is the one who believes he is more talented than his brothers. He didn’t have the huge ego at first, but it developed over time. Plus every time he gets a new girlfriend (which is fairly often) he kind of drops everyone in his life and hangs with them & their friends and family. Joe seems pretty unselfish. Hangs with his little bro Frankie, keeps the same friends, goes to Africa to help out and do humanitarian work. But, of course every family has its problems. Maybe therapy will smooth things out.

  • Danna

    I do think they’re in therapy there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s obvious that they are since they’ve been seeing Mike Bayer for a while now, but I don’t believe Joe thinks he is a bigger star than his brothers because that kid seems to have a very low self esteem and Nick was everyone’s favorite and the one getting the best opportunities.

    • Q

      Sorry but joe jonas is not very self low esteem and nick is not every favorites you wrong dont made up shit like you know

  • shanghai

    The brothers seem to have grown up to be quite different personalities with different interests in music and lifestyle. It happens so whilst they will always love each other as brothers they just may not want to hang out as friends or work together again.