• cerenagee

    This is humilating and so wrong that this is even open for the public.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    There’s nothing to censor because you don’t see anything, he stands behind a wall the whole time. Khalil gets up from the chair walks with the other officer then Justin comes from behind the door(?) when he’s done and sits down. That’s the whole video.

    • anna

      yeah! what a waste of 2 minutes…nothing happens :/

  • thecat61

    TMZ is awfully hard-up about this whole ordeal. smh

    • Godney

      I bet they have alot of more videos… but will leak like once per month so we’ll see alot of this… sad

  • alex

    Justin honey you are such a good looking talented kid. please snap out of it, and stop using drgs and kick those people out of your life incluing selena she is toxic. You need to look deep into yourself and ask for help if you cant do it on your own. don’t wait until your fame is gone and nobody will be around you when your money is gone including your father, he wasn’t around before,you should only be around people who loved you before you were famous, your old friend your mom, your grandparents who help your mom that it! start doing positive things and don’t let drugs dictate who you are, you can rise above this don’t end up like other artist, you can do this, dude you looking horrible your face looks thin , your eyes look empty, no girl is worth this headache and she not even is at your talent level she less, don’t let her lies fool you, get well and never ever mention her ask for everyone not to mention her on none of your interviews don’t give her any more fame that how you get back at her, get another girl and give her fame so they can forget about her, go help another girl who has talent who is worth it.

    • ty

      haha sorry to late for that

      • Mariah

        It’s never too late to fix your life, shut the fuck up,

  • boystan


  • ivan

    I guess those who are into golden showers will enjoy watching this humiliation of a young man by an out of control media and Justice system. When will we have the ones of David Cassidy who has been arrested 3 times for DWI? what single purpose does showing this serve? Are we becoming fascist in this country?

  • Duckyhoward15

    TMZ you wasted your money lol