Bieber Questioned About Selena In Court

bieber-rolling-stone-6Justin Bieber‘s behavior during his 6-hour deposition at Miami-Dade County Court ‘proved today he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. Bieber got so angry that he attempted to walk out and risk the wrath of a judge, but he was held back by his five lawyers.

Qestions focused on his failed relationship with Selena Gomez angered Bieby. Later, Bieber appeared to fall asleep and claimed he couldn’t remember the names of the members of his entourage, or whether his bodyguards even worked for him or someone else.

Bieber faced questions, under oath, about whether he took legal or illegal drugs 24 hours before the hearings, or whether he drank alcohol within 12 hours of the hearing. He answered ‘no!’ to those questions.

One source described Bieber has having ‘selective amnesia’ during today’s questioning.

Question: Do you remember being in Australia in November?

Bieber: I don’t know if I ever was in Australia.

Question: How about Seoul, South Korea?

Bieber: I don’t remember.

Question: Do you remember being at the Hit Factory in North Miami in June?

Bieber: I don’t remember being in Miami in June.

Question: How many managers to you have?

Bieber: Oh, I might have 100 managers.

Question: What are their names?

Bieber: I don’t really know.

He took frequent breaks throughout the session, sometimes every 15 minutes.

At times, I’m told Bieber looked like a deer in the headlights.

At others, he appeared to fall asleep.

‘He denied being asleep,’ someone familiar with the deposition said.

‘He said something about being frustrated with the questions and trying to focus.’

Bieber did complain about the court-mandated deposition being ‘unfair’ to him.

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  • Boo

    basically he ain’t a snitch lol

    • california

      more like his brain is fucked up from all the concoctions of drugs and alcohol

      • hmmm

        Do you notice he is only pretending not to remember? He is mad for being called there

        • slap a ho into change

          well hell who WANTS to go to court? no one walks in there smiling and happy. shit no one even wants to do jury duty, but guess what you HAVE to. The least he could do would be to own up to his shit and show some damn respect, which he clearly has none to authoritative figures. he needs to get off his damn high horse and remember what it was like to not have shit as a kid. i say put his ass in jail for 3 months at least and scare him into change. because i gurantee you he will be crying to get out within a week cause he’ll become someones lil bitch with all that sagging and those dumb faces he makes. he is nowhere near as hard as he portrays and thinks that he is. he needs to learn.

      • Tash

        Dont blame drugs for justin bieber. Thats an insult to drugs. That kid came that way. Everything just made it worse.

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    Could he get anymore apathetic? I mean, come one, you’re under oath in court facing major charges; show a little more respect.

    • guest

      You are not in a courtroom and the judge is not there. The judge would become personally involved if one side or the other was to file a complaint of bad behavior. Normally, you are in a conference room with lawyers from both sides and a court reporter to take an official record. If someone has an objection it is recorded by the reporter and the judge reviews it when the record of the deposition is submitted to him. Nonetheless, Justin’s behavior was bad and puts him at risk of contempt when the judge does his review.

      • thesestrangelittlethings

        I didn’t state anything about a judge.

        • guest

          I’m sorry. I guess I read too much into the statement you are under oath in court and normally a judge is present in that situation.

          • thesestrangelittlethings

            No, it’s fine. I just think if you’re in court (whether in front of a jury/judge, or, like you stated, with a specific counsel), you’d be more inclined to at least humor whomever you’re in front of with an acceptable demeanor, especially with somewhat of serious charges.

          • guest

            I agree with you and I also think Justin’s behavior was not good.

    • pacmakaveli

      Don’t be a naive sheep of the media, this looks like bullshit ,you’re telling he’s pathetic while this could be made up as well. Anyone with common sense would know they don’t ask questions like this and ex relationships when he’s there for DUI LMAO have a seat

      • anon

        He wasn’t there for DUI. The deposition was over some photographer that was supposedly beat up by Justin’s bodyguards.
        So the lawyer asked if Selena was present during any incident involving fights with photogs, we know she was, so he got mad because he don’t want her be called in court as a witness.

        • o

          None of this has been confirmed and neither did they really ask him about Selena.

          • anon

            I’m just going by TMZ article. But don’t worry, the deposition will be made public sometime

        • thecat61

          So if she was present, then why wasn’t she called to testify?

      • thesestrangelittlethings

        Do you realize I wrote “apathetic” as opposed to “pathetic”? Learn the difference before you go on a long-winded rant about something never stated.

  • fghjkl

    well justin bieber he is gonna end up like lindsay lohan or amanda bynes sonner

    • anon

      He was just acting purposely distressed

    • Godney

      Lindsay is actually pretty good now and amanda is doing fine…

  • anon

    But why would they ask about Selena?

    • Eva

      To rattle him… cause a break down. Lawyers and police can be pretty heartless.

  • cerenagee

    Leave the kid Alone already damnm

  • threelittlebirds

    and it was selena’s fault he got arrested because???

    • Suzanne Smith

      No, not that he got arrested but that bitch has done nothing but play with him this past year to get media attention. She needs to drink herself back into rehab! Justin needs to leave that piece of shit alone!

      • Nameless

        You’re an idiot, lol.

  • hmmm

    Selena’s bad boy fairytale got out of hand

  • Wtf

    Id be pissed too. Why the fuck are they asking questions about his ex that has nothing to do with this crap he did?! Stupid. I don’t like him but I’m siding with him on this one.

    • Godney

      They do it to provoce him, its done all the time.
      they want him to snap.

  • coincidence??
    • pacmakaveli

      Keep trying psycho jelenators hahahha

    • Suzanne Smith

      NOT a coicidence! She does this shit all the time! She’s the one who is childish and immature!

      • ale

        NO! HE IS the one who does that, and who is childish! or havent you seen the pic justin put in his instagram?

  • laura

    But what have those questions to do with what actually happened? I mean, those are some pretty dumb ass questions if it’s about DUI or taking drugs. His lawyers could’ve easily said ‘objection’ or whatever it is that they say in English. This looks fake tbh. My father is a lawyer and shit like this doesn’t happen ever because the judge would’ve said it has nothing do to with the case. Maybe it’s different in America idk but this is just pathetic and isn’t going to solve anything.

    • Godney

      I do think its kinda fake, but there was no judge in there.
      So maybe it was all layers and its a celeb bad boy, they prob just want him to snap.

      But it does have a fake feeling.

      • laura

        Oh so apparently it is different in America then since here you always need to have a judge.
        It’s such a weird thing, it can’t be that much different from European court cases (sorry don’t know what this is in English). It can’t be a psychological exam because they ask different things there, it can’t be to test whether he is high or not because they could’ve easily noticed that. So it is either fake or they are just making fun of the guy.

    • anon

      I was not about DUI, it was about his bodyguard slapping a paparazzi or something like this

      • laura

        Hmm ok thanks for telling me :) but I still don’t see what those questions have to do with him being in Australia or how many managers he has.. It’s just odd.

        • anon

          idk. maybe he had problems with paparazzi there too?

          • laura

            I bet the guy constantly has problems with the paparazzi haha

  • Duckyhoward15

    They didn’t ask him about Selena cos I doubt the judge needs to know anything

    • anon

      They are trying to prove that he ordered his bodyguards to beat the photog up because he hate photogs or smth. There was that fight with paparazzi a long time ago and Selena was with him, that’s why they asked if she ever was ever around during one of this altercation with photogs. He couldn’t say “no” because they would know he was lying, he couldn’t say “yes” because she would be called in court then he refused to respond.

      • Duckyhoward15

        Oh I thought they asked him about his personal relationship because the article made it seem like it to me , thanks alot <3

  • Kylie

    I’m not a fan but I think people are way too harsh on him.

  • James

    Since TMZ reported this I am not believing a word until it’s confirmed by some trustworthy site or whatever. Their people couldn’t be even near the deposition neither would anyone who was actually there spill the details so fast. They couldn’t get all those questions and answers just like that, TMZ once faked a report about all that weed in Bieber’s house saying it was found then the Sherriff of the department denied it and confirmed none of that is true, they could easily lie anything on Bieber and their blind sheep followers would believe (all bieber haters of course). They were way too harsh and unprofessional with him, I am are his lawyer could say objection to those questions about Selena. Bieber never personally had issues with paparazzi since London, he was always HARASSED and his security defended him. To these lawyers see how paparazzi treat Bieber? Obviouslythey’ve done no research. I understand why he was pissed off and hopefully we’ll get an ACTUAL report that makes sense of what happened here. Keep ya head up Biebs ! If you stayed out of trouble for a while now you can always as well.

    • laura

      I don’t know what it is like in America but in my country, hearings are open for public and the press. So maybe that’s why idk I still think it’s fake though because you have to be a really shitty lawyer to ask questions like that.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I read it twice and it still sounds fake.

  • BrokenArrow18

    It looked more like a teen magazine interview tbh.

  • Guest

    he needs jesus