Miley Smoking ‘Denver You Were Rad’

miley-potheadmiley-kissing-sky (2)‘Denver you were suppppper rad ❤ thank you for such a rad day off #bangerztour’

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  • smb

    Isn’t Denver the place where she took the picture of herself in the shower after her show way back when she was 14 wearing only a T-shirt and sent it to Nick?

    • Boo

      It’s 2014.

    • threelittlebirds

      who cares? it happened 7 years ago

  • cerenagee

    Haha I’m sure she thought so

  • oh miley

    I was actually happy when she tweeted 2 month no smoking
    well , shit happpens

    • thecat61

      She stopped smoking cigs my dear.

      • alexa

        so what is she smoking then?

        • thecat61


  • thecat61

    I’m loving her outfit in the first pic!

  • Cici

    It is completely legal in Colorado, but it is still supposed to be in designated areas.

  • getlikemiley

    I’m so done with seeing those damn bubba teeth