Ariana Grande New Hair @ White House

ariana-new-hairariana-grande-white-house-hair (10)ari-obamaAriana showed off new hair performing for Obamas. Like it?

FULL performance video under. ‘I Have Nothing’ by Whitney Houston!

  • laura

    Aww she looks adorable!

  • Lily

    It suits her!

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Finally! She looks her age when her hair is down

  • Zaina777

    This woman is stunning. She looks like a mature young woman now. Work it girl.

  • noplz

    please tell me she didnt say “whats up how are ya” to the president. stay classy ariana

    • Cici

      nbd, It was cute.

    • Sophie

      In ny opinion; it has nothing to do with being classy. She is simply down to earth – like the President himself. + she was probably nervous as **** and thought it as a way of lightening the mood.

    • Dereck Hartley

      She is trying to speak black. Classy, indeed!

    • Laura

      she was very nervous so she decided to try and think of something to say and just thought she would talk like you do on twitter, gosh Obama thought it was funny what is your problem

  • noplz

    but her weave looks flawless in the gif of her sitting down. she actually looks around her age

  • Vy

    Her vocals are always on point! I mean seriously, is it even possible for this girl to sound bad?
    She seems so self-concious about her hair though, the way she touches it and all. I think it looks great on her, way better than the pony tail thing..

  • anonymous

    obama’s priorities…

    • iWizard


      thank you.

  • Cici

    She sounded so good! Not going to lie, I was holding my breath as she covered Whitney, but she did great on it. She looked beautiful & I am glad she is getting recognized like that.

  • Adele

    ABFAB!! Ariana is really something. People just need to let this young lady be great. Stay grounded Ariana and stop playing with your hair!

  • anon

    She did great! Nobody can come close to Whitney tho, at least I never have witnessed